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Los Angeles Lookbook

Paper & Glam - Los Angeles Lookbook

Happy, happy Wednesday! 

What happened to the last week?! It's been a little crazy since my plane touched down on the tarmac in Denver last Sunday. If you stopped by and I didn't have an update up, I'm sorry! We're back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Here's a peek into my trip to Los Angeles:

Paper & Glam - The Real Barbie Dreamhouse

{PHOTO ONE} Behold, the real Barbie Dreamhouse, home of Barbie creator Ruth Handler.

Paper & Glam - Santa Monica Beach

{PHOTO TWO} The view from Pacific Pier in Santa Monica.

Paper & Glam - Pacific Pier

{PHOTO THREE} The ferris wheel at Pacific Park. I also love this night time picture of her.

Paper & Glam - The Ivy at the Shore

{PHOTO FOUR} Birthday dinner at The Ivy at the Shore.

If you want to see some beautiful interior design take go look around The Ivy's website.

Paper & Glam - Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

{PHOTO FIVE} No trip to LA is complete without eating my way through Sprinkles and their sister store Ice Cream. But if you're in a hurry, not to worry, they've got a hot pink cupcake ATM.

Have a great couple days as we prep for the 4th!

Palm Trees & 80 Degrees

Paper & Glam - Heart LA

Good morning and happy Monday!

This week I'm taking a vacation to turn 28 in LA, relax by the pool, and drink my mom's infamously strong triple shot tahitian vanilla mint lattes while reading a stack of glossy magazines.

Want to see what I packed? Before heading to the airport, I made this little video with some packing tips and what I came with me:

I'll be back next Monday for a Los Angeles Lookbook, have a great week!

Project Spring: Retreat Essentials

Paper & Glam - RetreatSpring is the season of rejuvenation and renewal, which makes it the perfect time for a mountain getaway with the girls. Every spring, my friends and I retreat into the Rocky Mountains to spend a weekend together, praying, learning, and reconnecting with God, ourselves, and one another. It's a kind of Spring Break for adults.

Our greatest need is spiritual renewal, which is why it's so important to take time to getaway from the busyness of our lives and escape to a place of solitude. There is a long tradition of rabbis and priests climbing mountains to meet with God. The ancients believed the higher the mountain the closer to God. In the Bible, we see Moses climbing Mount Sini to meet with God on many occasions and there's something to this belief. In the mountains, there's seems to be a stronger connection to God, a kind of live-wire that allows us to hear Him more clearly than we can at sea level, or at 5,280 feet here in Denver.

Packing for a retreat is the easiest form of packing because it's a no frills, no make-up, back-to-basics time to reboot.

Here are my Retreat Essentials:

Paper & Glam - Weekend Bag
The first, a trusted weekend bag. Finding a weekender can be a challenge as they're often pricey. Mine is an epic Goodwill find, but if you're in the market for a weekend bag, Deux Lux makes great ones here. This is my favorite.

Paper & Glam - Workout FitAs far as apparel goes, a set of workout clothes and some comfy sweats (I brought these) is all you need. My favorites are the Lululemon wunder unders and their no limits tank.
  Paper & Glam - Journal
Next, toss in a journal and some fun pens for the revelations that are bound to come as we listen for God's voice away from the noise of our daily routines. My journal says Eat Cake For Breakfast (Kate Spade). I love this reminder to celebrate every day.

Did you know that celebration is a spiritual discipline? God loves to see us enjoying the lives He's given us, and living out of that joy. This journal ensures I start my day with that in mind.

As for pens, Le Pens are simply the best. They come in beautiful colors and release just enough ink so the color doesn't bleed onto the next page of your journal. I typically find mine at Sugar Paper LA or Paper Source here.

Paper & Glam - Current Read

Lastly, grab the book off your nightstand for those moments of downtime when we're ready to get lost in a story or learn something new.

This spring, I encourage you to getaway for a weekend and reconnect with God. Our daily lives can make us feel a mile wide and an inch deep as we stretch ourselves to meet our obligations and expectations. That hurry is a barrier in our relationship with God. When we make space for God, He's there to meet us. It's not up to us to change our lives or transform ourselves, it's up to us to make ourselves available to God's transforming power and grace.

Let's pack our weekend bags and head up the mountain!