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Introducing Glam Mail Planner Sticker Kits!

Paper & Glam - February #Glammail

Happy Monday Paper & Glam Family!

For the past few weeks, I've been heads down working towards GLAM MAIL, the new monthly planner sticker subscription!

We're talking monthly planner sticker kits printed, cut, and arriving at your door in hot pink!

As I sit typing at 10 Sunday night, there are 48 Glam February Planner Kits on the shelf waiting for you. They'll be at your door in 2 business days, so get your glam NOW!

If you prefer the digital, instant, on-demand versions, the entire Glam February collection is up in the shop here business as usual. 

This month for the soft launch, I created 100 kits as a proof of concept and pilot. The remaining kits need to sell out as a confirmation of this next step, before I officially launch the Glam Mail subscription service. The pilot announcement went out quietly on the Paper & Glam Planning Facebook group Saturday and on Instagram today, where print and cut was so highly requested. Now I'm sharing here on the blog and humbly requesting your support to continue growing this community, shop, and the seasonal, sustainable lifestyle we're building together.

Paper & Glam - #GlamMail February
Each planner sticker in The Glam Shop is professionally illustrated and designed just for you! I spend hours every week picking each color, pattern, and getting the size of every single polka dot on point. I'm committed to providing you with the very best, wholly original, highest quality planner stickers whether you're subscribing to Glam Mail or you prefer to go digital.

In order to make Glam Mail work long-term, we need to reach 1,000 subscriptions each month.

Paper is my life, it's been my favorite thing since childhood, and I've worked for the last eight years to grow this brand and piece of internet space. I'm humbled and grateful for every order you place at the shop. It's because of you I get to do what I love and share it with like-minded girlfriends. Thank you for all the support. I look back at how far we came in 2015, and I can't wait to see where we go together in 2016.

Looking forward to this next chapter together,

The Glam Planner 2016

Paper & Glam - The Glam Planner 2016

Happy 2016 Paper & Glam Family,

It's time to start a fresh, new year and that means new planners!

Today I'm unveiling a brand new horizontal Glam Planner, let's meet her:

The monthly pages, on both the original (vertical) Glam Planner and the new horizontal edition got a new look for the new year. If you invested in the original 2015-2016 Glam Planner, I got you, girlfriend. The update is waiting in your inbox!Paper & Glam - The Glam Planner 2016 - Horizontal Monthly
Here are the gorgeous horizontal weekly pages!

Paper & Glam - The Glam Planner 2016 - Horizontal Weekly

The boxes in both the vertical and horizontal Glam Planners are the same size as the Erin Condren Life Planner. I use both a ring-bound Glam Planner and a spiral-bound Erin Condren Life Planner so compatibility is a must! 

If you  haven't seen the original, vertical Glam Planner here's a look!

Paper & Glam - The Glam Planner 2016 - Vertical Weekly

This year, I'm continuing in my vertical Glam Planner but I fell in love with the horizontal while designing her! A horizontal Glam Planner was highly requested when she debuted back in July, and I couldn't be more excited to start 2016 with a new solution for my horizontal girlfriends.

This weekend, I'll be setting up my 2016 planner and then planning January. Have you seen the January Glam Planner Sticker collection? It's ready for you to start planning your month! 

2015 was one of the best years of my life and that's because of you! Your encouragement and support mean the world to me. I can't wait to spend 2016 with you!


How To Print & Cut Planner Stickers Using Silhouette

Paper & Glam - How To Cut Planner Stickers Tutorial Cover

Paper & Glam Family, 

Today I'm excited to reveal the future of The Glam Shop!

Since August we've been working on a way to blend the flexibility and sustainability of printable planner stickers with the simplicity and ease of pre-cut and printed stickers. After months of testing and research, it's time to debut our solution!

Let's walk-through how to get machine cut planner stickers without taking the time to build a cut file.

When you purchase planner stickers from The Glam Shop, you'll receive a folder containing three types of files. 

Paper & Glam - Glam Shop Silhouette Tutorial

.pdf - The PDF is for printing and cutting your planner stickers traditionally. This is the method I've been using since I started making my own planner stickers a year ago. Before this solution, I felt taking the time to build a cut file for my silhouette was too time consuming when the end result of machine cut and hand cut stickers is the same. Printing and hand cutting planner stickers is viable, simple option. Get some sticker paper (Not sure which sticker paper is best for you? This video walks through all the options.), a rotary paper trimmer, and a pair of precision cut scissors and you're ready to go! I'm often asked if this is easy, and it couldn't be easier!

The next two files are for machine cutting your stickers on a Silhouette (no plug-ins or frills needed) or a similar die cutting machine (i.e. Cricut):

.png - This is the sticker image file you'll use to create your stickers.

.dxf - This is the "cut file" which will tell your die cutting machine where the cut. 

In this example, using the Glam January sticker set, there are three of each file, one for each sheet of stickers included. If you're hand-cutting your stickers, print the PDF and you're off!

The following steps are for machine cutting your stickers! 

Step 1: Open Silhouette Studio and ensure your print settings (File --> Print Page Settings) are set to US Letter and a Landscape (horizontal) orientation.

Paper & Glam - Silhouette Tutorial Step 2

Step 2: Ensure your Design Page Settings match with Letter and Landscape selected.

Paper & Glam - Silhouette Tutorial Step 3

Step 3: Open the .png file (File--> Open) for the planner stickers you'd like to cut and ensure the scale is set to 100% and the dimensions are 11Wx8.5H.

Paper & Glam - Silhouette Tutorial Step 3

Step 4: Open the Align window and click "Center to Page." It's typically already centered but it's always best to double-check. Also, never drag the files around Studio, we need them to fit together perfect to get an exact cut, so let the application do the work.

Paper & Glam - Silhouette Tutorial Step 4

Step 5: Drag your matching .dxf file on top of your .png. If you File --> Open it will open in a new .studio file and we want it on top of the one we're working on. It will look messy at first, but we'll repeat steps 3 and 4 to get the .dxf scaled and aligned on the .png. 

Paper & Glam - Silhouette Tutorial Step 5

Step 6: Ensure the .dxf is selected then scale to 100% with 11Wx8.5H dimensions. You'll see the cut lines grow!

Paper & Glam - Silhouette Tutorial Step 6

Step 7: Ensure the .dxf is selected then in the Align window click "Center to Page." Now you've got perfect cut lines created from the actual sticker file itself in just a few clicks! Are you blown away?! 

Paper & Glam - Silhouette Tutorial Step 7

Step 8: Now its time to set our registration marks. On the Registration Marks window, choose Style Type 1 and set the Length to .197 (as low as it goes), Thickness to .025, and the Insets to .394 (as low as it goes).

Paper & Glam - Silhouette Tutorial Step 8

Step 9: Print your stickers! File --> Print. Your stickers will print with the designs and registration marks so the Silhouette knows exactly where to cut. 

Step 10: Time to cut your stickers! On the Cut Settings window, ensure your cut settings match mine (all defaults) and click "Send to Silhouette!" See the red lines, those are your cut lines ready to go!

Paper & Glam - Silhouette Tutorial Step 9

And voila! You've got print and cut stickers ready for your planner! For a video walk-thru of this process, click play!

This looks like sticker peace, amen?!

Looking forward to a dynamic year of planning with you,