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Ash Wednesday

Paper & Glam - Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of the season of Lent. Lent means springtime, and during the next 40 days leading up to Easter, Christians mark and honor the life of Jesus. 

If you're a regular around here, then you know living seasonally and celebrating special days is central to my life. These seasonal traditions add annual rhythm and festivity alongside life's routines, and create a shared experience with those we journey alongside. 

Paper & Glam - Lead Me To The CrossDuring Lent, I give up a pattern of consumption and take up a practice of discipleship. This year, I'm giving up shopping, and taking up a daily Lenten devotional by N.T. Wright called Lent for Everyone

What are your Lenten traditions?

Today, and for the next 40 days, we celebrate our trust in God's ability to bring restoration to the broken parts of our lives with His promise of victory over death and life everlasting.


May the Lord lead us to the cross this Lent,

You Better Work Wallpaper

The Glam Shop - You Better Work Journal

Happy Friday!

After February's Inside My Planner video, many of you inquired about the wallpaper shown on my iPhone. 

The image on my phone is of the You Better Work Notebooks available in The Glam Shop. If you'd like a little glambition for your phone, simply save the image and then click "Use as Wallpaper" on your phone, or "Use as Desktop" on your computer.

Better get to work ;)

5 Steps To Improve Your Handwriting

Poppin Signature Pink PensHappy Handwriting Day!

Today we celebrate annual Handwriting Day with tips on how to improve our handwriting!

Here is how I took my handwriting from elementary to artful in five simple steps:

1. Pens.

Beautiful handwriting starts with great pens. Do you have a favorite pen? If not, it's time to find a couple!

When I sit down to write in my journal or my planner, it's not without my favorite pens. Think of pens as your magic wand to better handwriting.

For colored pens, the Staedtler Triplus are second to none from the color range to the ink flow.

For a standard black ballpoint pen, the Poppin Signature Ballpoints are tops. Plus it's doesn't hurt that they come in colors sure to match your personal brand. Of course, I snagged Paper & Glam pink. ;)

Paper & Glam - Kate Spade Journal & Pen

2. Journal. 

The single greatest thing you can do to improve your handwriting is journal daily. Every morning I sit down with a hot cup of coffee, my favorite pens, a journal, and a devotional to write out what's on my heart. 

Find a journal that feels like a friend and tell it your secrets and prayers. Sometimes I simply hold a pen, pray, and wait in expectation for God's answer.

If my journal says hello, I got her here for 15% off!

As you develop the habit of journaling, you'll start to see patterns in your handwriting. Once patterns emerge, it's easy to focus on the words you wrote beautifully, pick out what worked about the way you wrote it, and replicate it over time. 

3. Size. 

Mind the size of your letters. It's far easier to create a uniform look with smaller letter sizing. To help with this, I recommend using a pen with a point no larger than .3 mm.

4. Slow down.

Take your time as you write. Invest the time to rewrite that grocery list. We've all got enough $1 Target post-its and two extra minutes.

Paper & Glam - Journal Collection

4. Be patient.

Improving my handwriting took six years and ten journals of committing the words in my head and the prayers of my heart to paper. My journals sit in my office telling the story of the last seven years (2014 & 2015 sit on my nightstand).

Paper & Glam - Life Is Art Quote - 5 Steps to Improve Your Handwriting

5. Remember life is art.

As you write, listen to the sound of the pen gently scratching the surface of the paper and remember your life is art. Whether you're writing a thank you note or a grocery list, our handwriting is an artform.

Next week, we will continue discussing how to improve our handwriting in a video!

Happy weekend,