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Top 10 Seasonal Lipsticks!

Top 10 Seasonal Lipsticks by

Happy Lipstick Day Paper & Glam Family!

Let's celebrate with a combination of two of my favorite things: seasonal living and lipstick!

Before we get to the top 10, here's a few glam lipstick facts to get us excited and celebrating:

  • Coloring ones lips has been in vogue for thousands of years and at different times in history, both men and women colored their lips! In previous centuries, lipstick was made with berries and other natural items to stain the lips.
  • By the turn of the century (early 1900s), lipstick was considered to be quite risqué with only actors and actresses wearing it in silent movies. However, during the suffrage rallies in 1912, feminists were painting their lips as a symbol of emancipation.
  • In the 1920s, flappers wore lipstick to symbolize their independence. Who's ready for the party at Gatsby's?!
  • Much like Regina George claimed hoop earings in Mean Girls (Sidebar: Mean Girls' Day is October 3rd!), it’s alleged that Elizabeth Taylor demanded that no other woman on her movie sets wear red lipstick. She considered it her look, and apparently, imitation is not flattery!
  • In the UK, especially in Northern England, lipstick is called “lippy." Thank you UK subscribers for that fun fact!

Without further ado, here's your guide to seasonal lips all-year long:

  1. MAC Satin Snob

    For a soft winter look, the MAC's classic Snob cannot be beat. I've been wearing this shade since high school and it's my longest running lip color. It's my wear anywhere from work to brunch or pair it with a smokey eye for a bold nighttime look. 

  2. YSL Rouge Volute Shine Fuchsia in Rage #19

    In the spring, YSL's Fuchsia in Rage is the perfect purple evoking a spring fling mood. 

  3. MAC Matte Candy Yum-Yum

    When those first signs of summer hit, I reach for MAC's Candy Yum-Yum. It says "welcome to Los Angeles, palm trees, and 80 degrees."

  4. L'oreal Infallible Red Fetale

    When it's time for a red, hot glamerican summer, this shade says "God Bless, America" in a glammy little tube.

  5. Chanel Rouge Allure #94 Extatique

    This shade is the "signature" Paper & Glam pink lip. It's the perfect blue pink. It makes eyes look whiter and gives skin that healthy glow. 

  6. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Orange County

    If you're brave enough to rock an orange lip, this is a great late summer starter. Not only does it blend perfectly with your resident pink for a more subtle look, it also creates the perfect pink orange ombre like a summer sunset. 

  7. Chanel Rouge Allure #96 Excentrique

    This is my glamoween-go-to. If it's October, I've got this lip on. This is the perfect shade to pair with a LBD for that hocus pocus look.

  8. L'oreal Infallible Everlasting Plum

    Everlasting Plum is your all-around, go-anywhere, very berry fall lip.

  9. MAC Satin Cyber

    Cyber is for my more adventurous glam girlfriends. It is bold fall with a capital B; but now that it's a trending look and Taylor Swift wore it to the 2016 Met Gala, it's the new classic. 

  10. MAC Retro Matte Ruby Woo

    Meet Ruby Woo, your holiday bestie. You won't catch me without her during December. Rock a red lip like Marilyn with this shade! 

What are your favorite seasonal lipsticks? You know I'm dying to add one for every month so let me know what I'm missing in the comments!

Every time I upload a fresh video, many of you ask what lip I'm wearing. This is my entire lipstick brigade so match the video to the season and there's your shade! These shades also match up with the lipstick stickers we release each month in the Glam Monthly Planner Kits!

I hope everyone takes a moment to celebrate this weekend by picking a fun color and experimenting! Push out of those comfort zones, girlfriends!

If you try any of these shades, I'd love to see on Instagram #seasonalglam or in our Seasonal Living Facebook group. Remember you can walk through the seasonal year with us by following the Paper & Glam Seasonal Living Lists. Did someone say free glam? ;) 

Much seasonal glam love going out to each of you from LA,

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Glam December

Paper & Glam - Glam December Planner Stickers

Happy December Paper & Glam Family!

Are you ready to celebrate the queen of all holidays?! Christmas!

Today I'm planning December, putting away fall decor, and taking out the Christmas sparkle. Farewell to the berry and gold tones, hello red roses, twinkling lights, and my pink tree!

While many of you already invested in the Glam Christmas collection (thank you!), I thought I'd formally introduce her here on the blog while I work on my December Plan With Me.

The Glam December planner stickers (shown above) give us 15 reasons to celebrate in December with matching illustrations. Christmas tree lights twinkle, homemade wassail simmers on the stovetop while the scent of Christmas cookies welcome us home! There are red velvet cupcakes, Christmas movies, and red lips and nails....ohhh yes! 

Are you dreaming of a Pink Christmas?! You know I am! I can't wait to put up my pink sparkly tree. 

Paper & Glam - Pink Christmas Planner Stickers

If a traditional Christmas is more your cup of tea (or peppermint latte!), meet Glam Christmas!

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The December edition of the Everyday Glam planner stickers are designed to glam up December's weekly routines from pay days to phone calls, mail days to lunch hour manis, Christmas reading schedules and much more!

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The December edition of Glam About Town is made to glam up our weekly errands from market runs to target hauls, iced peppermint latte coffee stops to movie nights, and more!

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Merry Christmas, girlfriends!

Glam Fall

Paper & Glam - Everyday Glam October Planner Stickers

Happy Wednesday Glam Fam!

It's been quiet here on, but it's sure been busy at Glam HQ. I've been packing up my home in Denver to move to Los Angeles on Saturday, and just wrapped the Glam Fall Collection!

Ready to meet your new planner girlfriends?!

Paper & Glam - Glam September Planner Stickers

Meet Glam September!

Paper & Glam - Glam October Planner Stickers

Meet Glam October!

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Also, the Everyday Glam sticker set is now available in August's Paper & Glam pink, September's Fashion Week Teal, and Glamoween Orange to coordinate perfectly with your Glam Planner.

What do you think of Glam Fall?! 

I'm off to finish packing up the Dollhouse in Denver, see you in LA!