Glamoween Feed

Pumpkin Carving

Hello Monday is another layout I did for Design Your Life. The theme for this week was repetition. The sketch by Cathy was for an 8x11 page so I converted to 12x12.  DSC00624
Here is the second spread. I still feel like these need a little spicing up...any ideas? I know the look the class is going for is "clean and simple" but what can I say, I love scrapbook glam!
And for the song of the week, I thought I'd share the link to the Halloween playlist I've been listening too.

This plus my Gold Canyon pumpkin pie candle help me feel like it's really Halloween this week. Its perpetual summer in San there's no crisp fall air mixed with the smell of pine needles and leaves changing color. I always miss the seasons during the holidays. 

I've also been watching the ABC family 13 days of Halloween specials. I love all those old movies from when I was little, like Hocus Pocus and the Scooby Doo cartoons. 

Remember this? Who knew that was Sarah Jessica Parker. This is my all-time favorite Halloween movie, I remember watching it every single year growing up.

Halloween at the Beach


Welcome to our Halloween Beach House!

Now that I've graduated from college, I've got some extra time and decided to glam out our house for Halloween with my mom's help.

The beach is always an underlying decor theme even during the holidays.There is a palm tree and a pelican carved into my pumpkin!


My best friend and roommate turned 23 last week, this is the stash I wrapped for her. Some of it is just silly stuff like bath salts and tennis balls, but I like to make her a big pile of presents!



I wish these hand-painted witch glasses didn't have to spend most of the year in storage...they're my favorite wine glasses.


I've had these bears since I was a pup, it's not Halloween without these little guys.


Meet Padre....he's there all year round. He prays for us and keeps us safe.


This is my best friend and I on Halloween in 2006. We swap out this picture with the seasons. We're always dressing up for some fun event!


Masks are one of my favorite pieces for Halloween. They always make me want to attend a masquerade ball Gossip Girl style.



These witch tapers are another favorite (it's pretty much all my favorite). Holiday festivities in general, are my favorite.



My mom placed these little purses outside our doors full of Halloween candy bars. Love her! Of course, we've already eaten the Twix and Kit-Kat.



Taking a long, luxious bath and listening to the ocean is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening. Just wish I could read without the folks on the beach seeing in! 


Love this little bathing witch!


I added orange tapers to my dresser, those are usually pink. No surprise there. Those are some of my scrapbooks to the left.


Can I just take a moment and write about how much I LOVE candles? I just got my order from Gold Canyon. These are the most yummy and festive candles ever. Its also not Halloween if my house doesn't smell like a pumpkin patch!


I ordered Pumpkin Pie (using this one for Halloween), Mulled Harvest (Thanksgiving), Cozy Christmas, and Holiday Wreath (two for Christmas). I love taking these out as the holidays go by.

My mom always reminds me to keep the "light of God" shining in my house to remind me of His constanst presence -  love that.

Hope you enjoyed this look at our beachy Halloween!