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Watermelon Day: Healthy Glam Popsicles

Watermelon Day Healthy Snacks by Paper & Glam
Watermelon Day Healthy Snacks by Paper & Glam
Watermelon Day Healthy Snacks by Paper & Glam
Polka Dot Food Prep Prep Board: Kate Spade (only $25 and such a beautiful kitchen addition) | Food Grade Popsicle Sticks: Amazon | Hot Pink Knife: Pure Komachi

Happy Watermelon Day, girlfriends!

Today, as my seasonal sisters know, is Watermelon Day!

Here in sunny LA we have a very, humid and hot Thursday. It wasn't hard to convince me to create a cooling little watermelon snack. This one is the perfect thing if you want a quick, easy, and yet very festive healthy snack. I am bringing these beauties down to the pool with a book to end this Thursday with a little self care.

Here comes a quick tutorial:

  1. Pick a watermelon.

    The best tip for picking a perfectly ripe watermelon is to simply knock on them. If it sounds hollow with a hard shell, that's your girl!

  2. Grab a sharp knife and some popsicle sticks.

    Don't you love a recipe with two ingredients?! #easyglam

  3. Cut the watermelon across the middle into 1-inch thick rounds. From these rounds, cut triangle pieces. 

  4. Make a slice in the rind about half an inch wide. Then do another one right next to the previous cut to create a home for your popsicle stick.  

  5. Then simply pop the popsicle sticks into the melon pieces and put them in the freezer for a few hours.


You have now created your very own, totally healthy, watermelon popsicles. Perfect as an after dinner treat while watching your glamflix or as a little pick me up while enjoying the last lazy days of summer.

If you wanna make them a little extra (extra delicious and an extra caloric investment), you can melt chocolate and dip the frozen popsicles. Roll them in shredded coconut, sprinkles or cocoa nibs before you re-freeze them for an hour. A little something for you fellow chocolate lovers out there! 

Hope you are having a beautiful, seasonal week and this quick recipe can serve as an inspiration for tonight's dessert or tomorrow's snack-time.

Were you able to squeeze in a Watermelon Day celebration? I'd love to hear how you celebrated!

Lots of love from LA!

xx Lisamarie

P.S. Can you tell I'm making a comeback? Two blogs, two videos, and quite a few instastories this week! I'm on a roll, sisters. ;) 



Love having you back! Link that plate and knife!

Paper and Glam

Hi Jackie! It's great to be back. Thanks for sticking with me and all your support of Paper & Glam. Links are added, great catch!

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