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Glam Fall Planner Stickers by Paper & Glam

Happy Weekend Glam Fam,

Today we're talking shop!

As a seasonal living guru trying her best to live in the moment, I'm in no hurry to rush us out of summer. And yet, I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to talk about the glam greatest hit here on the blog: Glam Fall! At the moment, there are less than two dozen Glam September Kits (Glam Fall) left in the shop. She is going fast and will surely sell out soon!

This "Sweather Weather" sticker received quite a bit of commentary! Yes, my glam girlfriends, this is just a cute play on words, not a typo. Only the finest for my glam fam. ;) 100 hours of work goes into the design and execution of each monthly kit from dreaming it all up, creating the wholly original art, to getting those cut files just right for Team Digital.  Glam September Planner Stickers by Paper & Glam 

Speaking of digital glam, if you prefer to print and cut your own stickers, those offerings never sell out and perpetual updates are included with each digital purchase. Yes, next year's collection will be e-mailed automagically as soon as it goes live in the shop!

Another low stock alert for my readers, Glam Fall & Holiday Reads is also down to 21 kits!

Glam Fall & Holiday Reads Planner Stickers by Paper & Glam

If you're a Glam Mailer and you miss Glam September, remember to subscribe (recurring monthly purchase) or pre-order (one-time purchase) the Glam October Kit (Glamoween Kit) so I can ensure every gal gets her glam. Teaser: There will be a Glamoween treat going out to my Glam Mail Monthly Kit subscribers. Think the planner equivalent of handing out full-size candy bars to trick-or-treats! ;)

Remember the subscription/pre-order window closes on the 8th of every month (September 8th for October) and kits ship between the 8th and the 15th. This allows me to plan accordingly, get every girl her glam, and keeps the shop's shipping lightening fast. We're talking same-day in most cases, my friends. So if you haven't snagged your September Glam, get your order in by Monday and you'll have it in plenty of time for September 1st. 

Glam Basics Planner Sticker Bundle by Paper & Glam

With the July collection, we began creating coordinating basics (functional stickers) as well as matching headers for each month. These are available as separates or as a bundle!

If you're a first time customer the promo code INSTAGLAM gets you 15% off your first order. And for P&G junkies stocking up, orders over $100 receive 20% off with the code HOTGLAM. Quick point of clarification, subscriptions are not eligible for discounts so the promo code box will not appear at checkout. 

I know my fruglistas love a deal! And now there is now an Outlet Glam section in the shop featuring stickers 50% off! While these stickers are from prior month's releases, they'll work beautifully all year. Or, if you want to save them for next year like we do with our after-season home decor deals, they'll be nice surprises come summer 2017.

That's a wrap on shop updates for fall. Up next on the blog, I've got a Glam Kitchen recipe coming for you next week! Remember these berry muffins?! Plus get ready for the first looks at Glamoween!

Thank you for all the support of Paper & Glam, it means the world. 

Love from LA,


Erin Love

What size stickers should be purchased if I order the downloadable ones?

Paper and Glam

Hi Erin!

Thank you for your interest in Paper and Glam stickers. There are not multiple size options. Go ahead and take a look around the shop and then feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions.


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