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Paper & Glam - Glam Mail Planner Stickers

Happy Weekend Glam Planners!

It's been a busy few months with the launch of Glam Mail and I've missed you all dearly. I'm hearing daily how much the vlogs and blogs are missed. This year, I've invested in Paper & Glam's future by focusing on the shop to get her working capital. As you may know, we are in the process of manufacturing the Glam Planner and renovating the shop both of which are expensive undertakings.

To make this next chapter happen and help P&G grow, I've pressed pause on some of the "just for fun" glammy things like blogs and weekly videos. Thanks for your patience and sticking with me. I look forward to getting back to our regularly scheduled programming soon!

But today, let's talk planner stickers!

In preparation to launch our core offerings printed, cut, and delivered to your door in hot pink, we reformatted all the Glam 365 offerings so that each sticker is slightly smaller. As a result, there are more stickers per page!

What does this mean for you?

For my Glam Mailers, Glam About Town is now available in a printed and cut bundle!

Paper & Glam - Glam About Town Planner Stickers

As well as Everyday Glam...

Paper & Glam - Everyday Glam Planner Stickers

...and Glam Home!

Paper & Glam - Glam Home Planner Stickers

Even better, there is a limited time bundle of all three!

Each of these offerings contains hundreds of stickers coordinating perfectly with the upcoming Glam Mail Monthly kits through the rest of the year.

For Team Digital, you'll be receiving automated updates via e-mail to all of the core offerings including Glam Plans, as well as Glam About Town and Everyday Glam. 

Thank you for all the support of Paper & Glam. I've got so much more coming for you!




Hi Lisamarie!
Do you have a bundle for us digital girls who want these for the year?
Glam about Town
Everyday Glam
Glam Home

Thanks, Lynn

Paper and Glam

Hi Lynn!

There are Glam 365 digital bundles for each of the core (year-round) offerings: Glam Reads, Glam About Town, Everyday Glam, Gym Glam, Glam Home and Glam Plans up in the shop under Seasonal Living.

Thanks for all your support of the shop!


I know you are busy with all the cute stickers and glam projects. It is a lot more fun to use the stickers with your upbeat plan with me videos. But they are so cute this month! We are missing our seasonal cheerleader! lol... plus how can we live without our Sundae/Sunday Bear fix? Keep the course that is best for yourself! But you are missed in Missouri! Love the monthly glam stickers!


When are you going to release blog glam in digital formal?

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