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Paper & Glam is Hiring!

Paper & Glam is Hiring!

Paper & Glam Family, 

This is a big moment, can we revel in it for just a minute?

When I created Paper & Glam eight years ago, this is where I wanted to arrive one day. I wanted to be here with you, a community sharing a love for all things paper and glam, putting a hot pink dent in this world, not with what we accomplish but with the way we lived and loved along the way.

On January 1st, 2015, The Glam Shop went live and in July 2015, The Glam Planner launched with a new line of "Glam Monthly" planner stickers. In 2016, it's time to add a member to the Paper & Glam team!

In short, I'm looking for some personal assistance in "creative support." Say what? I know. So I’ll explain what I’m looking for and then when I find the right person, I’ll give you a cool job title and you can grow as glam grows, deal?

For now, this is not a full-time position, it's very much "temp-to-hire" contract work. Plus – it’s a super niche’ job and requires someone to really GET paper & glam…which is why I’m announcing this here, to you.

Who knows what Paper & Glam needs to grow-up better than you, my soul sisters, who share this love of paper and seasonal living?

Let me be upfront: You must live in Los Angeles. I need you geographically close to me because you’ll be personally assisting me with various projects.

Here's my "wishlist":

  • You don’t mind inconsistent hours. There may be nothing going on one week, but then you might have 10-15 hours worth of projects the next week.
  • You are a talented photographer, but not necessarily a pro. I want someone who has a knack for taking really great, everyday, natural-light photos.
  • You have a DSLR camera and laptop and you know how to use both, well.
  • You know how to edit. Photoshop, Lightroom, or whatever you use … you know how to make a pedestrian picture look glam.
  • You love planning and scrapbooking. You get it. You do it. You’ll be assisting me in styling and shooting many Glam Shop products.
  • You are organized and efficient with your time.
  • It would be a DREAM if you know a little something about the following:
    • Graphic design experience with the Adobe Design suite: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
    • Video editing experience with iMovie, Adobe After Effects, Cinema4D, whatever you know how to make video footage look "professional" for YouTube, that's an oxymoron but it's becoming less so these days!
    • Product styling and merchandising experience
    • Planner sticker experience with Silhouette and Silhouette Studio
    • Web design experience with HTML and CSS, and/or whatever apps you use Adobe Dreamweaver & Flash, etc.

If you are a planner and memory keeper in the Los Angeles area and my little “wishlist" seems to fit you… and you’re looking for a very part-time job growing Paper & Glam, please email me at lisamarie(at)paperandglam(dot).com. Tell me in a little bit about you, your involvement with planning and the Paper & Glam community, and of course your skill-set. Please attach a resume and any relevant links, images, portfolio-type artifacts that exemplify who you are and why you'd be a great fit for bringing Paper & Glam into her future.

With mad hope and prayers for the next member of Team Glam,



Wow! This is so exciting, Lisamarie! Can't wait to meet the new team member. Good luck in your search for the perfect hire - I'm sure you will find the perfect match. I'm thinking this blog post looks to many as an early Christmas present and a very exciting way to beginning the new year. :) Happy holidays! Love, Josefin


Wow, huge news!!! Congratulations Lisamarie and good luck with the search!


I would move to LA for this! The work you do it too fantastic!!

Ashley.Alaine (IG)

You go girl!!!! So excited for you and this new adventure!


I WISH I WAS IN LA :( Best of luck to you and your search, praying for peace and God's hand in everything you do! xo

Carol W.

Exciting times for you!!!

Marisol Rodriguez

I'm willing to help you for free! ( I'm so serious!)

Paper and Glam

Wow, Marisol! Are you in LA?! If so, please send me an e-mail!

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