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Paper & Glam Halloween Home Tour 2015

Happy Halloween Week Paper & Glam Family!

Ready for a ghoulishly glam tour of my Hollywood home decked out for Halloween? Let's take a peek!


Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Entry

Upon entering Glamoween HQ, you're greeted with a sparkly orange wreath, a trick-or-treat pumpkin, and hocus pocus witch brooms!

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Entry2


Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Kitchen

In the kitchen, I swapped out my dish towels for their festive counterparts and added a Halloween apron for all the pumpkin treats I plan to whip up!

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Coffee Station

Next to the coffee maker, I created a Halloween coffee station with black and orange paper straws, pumpkin pie coffee syrup, and my favorite jack-o-lanturn mug.

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Bar

While I long for a bar cart, I've haven't the room so I added a little tray of dressed up wine bottles from Fright Nite Cellars.

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Kitchen2


Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Dining Room

On the dining room table, I swapped out my staple pink tapers for black polka dots and deep berry roses with black-edged petals.


Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Library2

The library is innately full of color and pattern so I limited the decor to orange roses and a Pumpkin Carving candle, plus two white pumpkin pillows on the couch.

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Library


Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Office

In the office, I embellished my workday decor by adding a few costumes to my garment rack of seasonal inspiration and topped a gumball-filled apothecary jar with  a witch hat. 

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Office3

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Office2


Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Closet 
On the closet door, I hung a smaller scale orange and black wreath and created a ghoulishly glam vanity on the dresser.

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Vanity

An array of masks and glammy, glittery pumpkins grace my dresser along with other details like a sparkly spider ring and witch hat headbands.

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Vanity2 

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Bedroom 

My bedding is updated from the pink rose duvet to a glam gold dot for the fall through the holidays. I'm still in pursuit of the perfect fall throw pillows to complete the look.

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Must-Have Movies 

Under the TV is a collection of Halloween movies. If you've been hanging around Paper & Glam, then you know I started a tradition of adding one new movie to my collection each year. This year, I splurged adding It's A Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and the Halloween Town series. Cast your vote in the comments for next year's pick!

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Nightstand2 

On one nightstand I've got Paper & Glam Book Club October books ready to read along with a petite Le Creuset full of candy corn for snacking. On the other, my favorite fall Lush bath treats and pumpkin tapers grace the surface.

Paper & Glam - Halloween Home Tour - Nightstand

I hope you enjoyed the 2015 Halloween Home Tour! If you missed the video version I posted on October 12th, you can watch a full walk-through here.

Happy Halloween,



Love the pumpkin mug! I'm not a huge fan of Halloween but I love pumpkins. When we were kids we'd get a new Christmas movie every year but I love the tradition of doing Halloween movies.

Paper and Glam

Hi Donna! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the note. I've got the same tradition for Christmas movies, too...so fun!


So adorable! I love all your little traditions. You are inspirational!


Hi Lisamarie! I am SO loving your Fall vlogs! I'm officially addicted and celebrating the holidays right along with you! OH... LOVE your falling leaves video intro... perfection!

Question... you've probably answered this many times but I couldn't find it, can you share details on your awesome glasses (not sunnies)?? I'm in the market for new specs and yours are spot-on.

Thanks and thanks SO much for sharing!

Paper and Glam

Hi Susan!

Aww that's great to hear. :) I work hard to get things just right and hearing I've accomplished what I set out to do is invigorating. Yes, the link to my glasses is in the description box of every video along with any other current resources from the video. {What Am I Wearing?} ♥ Glasses: Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer - http://goo.gl/JErlI0

Happy Halloween!

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