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Paper & Glam - Countdown to Halloween Planner Stickers

Happy First Day of Fall Paper & Glam Family!

The first day of fall starts the countdown to Halloween, right?!

Are you planning to deck out your dreamhome in it's Halloween finest this weekend? Or are you more into traditional fall decor?

This weekend I'm planning to shoot two back to back home tours. One non-seasonal Los Angeles apartment reveal and then a Halloween tour! I'm so ready to break out my glammy pumpkin collection.

Paper & Glam - Countdown to Halloween Planner Stickers

Last weekend, the Countdown to Halloween planner stickers went live in the shop. The Countdown to Halloween planner stickers are created to help us savor every moment of the Halloween season with 33 stickers ready to print and stick in your planner. No holiday shall sneak up on Glam Planner girls! Thanksgiving and Christmas countdowns are coming next month. ;)

The set is made to coordinate perfectly with the Glamoween and Glam October planner stickers. 

In other Glam Shop news, Glam About Town is releasing this weekend in four colors. Here's a sneak peek!

While it's been quiet here on, its been all the way live on P&G TV with five videos on the last four days. If you've missed the 7 Days of Fall series I started over the weekend, head over and get your fall engine started with some fall hauls and favorites.

Grateful for each you,



Love your blog and YouTube channel! I just discovered your site a couple of weeks ago and love everything from the planner to "living seasonally" ideas. Earlier in my life I used to do a better job living seasonally but gave it up thinking it didn't fit with my professional life and the fact that living seasonally can take a lot of storage room :-) but you have definitely motivated me to get back to it and love doing it! Thanks so much for all your ideas and sharing!

Paper and Glam

Hi Elizabeth! Welcome! Thank you so much for joining the Paper & Glam community and taking the time to leave me a note. I plan to keep serving up plenty of seasonal living inspiration!

Rachel Trampel

I LOVE these stickers! I just purchased them! This might sound silly, but do you just print them on sitcker paper, or what's the best way to print them? Thanks!

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