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Meet Glamoween!

Paper & Glam - Glamoween

Twas the night before Glamoween, and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

But there were witches, broomsticks, pumpkins....ohhh yaaaas! 

Paper & Glam -Glamoween3

Pumpkin spice martinis and witches brew, haunted houses and jack-o-lanturns, candelabras, apothecary jars filled with candy, macarons and Oreos to enjoy with Halloween coffee and pumpkin spice lattes. 

It's a glamoween wish come true!

Paper & Glam - Glamoween Planner Stickers

To celebrate her debut, the Glamoween Planner Sticker Set is 20% off this weekend with the code GLAMOWEEN at checkout. Go get your glam!

Much glamoween love going out to each of you,

How Order The Glam Planner Printed

Happy Friday Glam Fam,

Since I released The Glam Planner last month, I've received many questions on the easiest, most budget-friendly way to print her. Yesterday I filmed a screencast walking through ordering a Glam Planner delivered to your door!

I hope it's helpful to see an easy option to print and ship your planner for under $20. If a light bulb just went on, and you can't wait for a Glam Planner to arrive at your door...she's 20% this weekend with the code GLAMPRINTED at checkout. Enjoy!

Happy weekend,

P.S. Stop by Sunday for the launch of GLAMOWEEN!!!

A Benediction From Denver

Paper & Glam - A Benediction From Denver B&W

For the last few years I've stood at a crossroads with one path continuing on with a life in Denver and a new path leading to a life in LA. Life in Denver is about community, seasons, authenticity, mountains, and Americana. Life in LA is full of family, glamour, plastic, and palm trees.

I'll miss Denver deeply, with it's four beautiful seasons, Sundays in church at New Denver, and quick latte stops at Wash Perk turning into warm greetings from old friends evolving into long chats over hot mugs. 

Then there's life in LA with its unrestrained creativity and palm-tree lined streets and the Hollywood sign above my mom's house guiding me home. I've missed walking barefoot on the pool deck at night on ground still warm from the sun. I've missed green juiceries on every corner and hot sun every day. I miss weekend getaways. Within four hours you can escape to another world: shopping in Vegas, snowboarding in Big Bear, poolside in Palm Desert, or traipsing through one of the little beach boutiques that line the boardwalks. 

I knew it was time to go home when I'd fly in from weeks away, and I'd expect to de-plane and feel ocean air hit my face while city lights glowed against the night sky. Instead I'd feel the peaceful quiet of the plains outside Denver.

T.S. Eliot - We Shall Not Cease From ExplorationFor some of us, we need to leave home only to come back for all the same reasons we left.

When I burned out on the production of LA -- the heat and hustle, the bump and grind -- I left Southern California to spread my wings. Six years later, there's nothing I want more than sitting in traffic with blinding sun beating into my windows on Sunset Blvd.

I know moving was the next step, if for no other reason than I'm back to writing real words here on Paper & Glam. Before planners and stickers, this space was words and images dedicated to learning to live well. Its time to get back to that place, the safe, quiet place of books and hearts spread open beside hot coffee and burning candles, amist the sound of keyboard keys clicking to form words writing another chapter of the story. 

As I sit here typing among boxes upon boxes, I'm scared to start over at 29, but sometimes it's good to be scared, it means what your living is real.

Please Remember: The story you are writing with your life is real. Make the most of this day, this page of your story and every one that comes next. Good stories aren't written without bold moves and moments grappling with the unknown. Make the move, jump off the edge, take the risk, make your story one we want to read.

To see a video of the move and a tour of my new apartment, press play!

To see a blog of my first week in LA, press play!

Last week the page turned and a new chapter in my story began here in Los Angeles, thank you for taking the time to read a page out of my story.


P.S. Who is ready for the release of Glamoween this weekend?!