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Paper & Glam Book Club Fall 2015

Paper & Glam Book Club - Fall 2015

Paper & Glam Readers, 

Over the course of the year, we've experienced shake-ups on the Book to Movie shelf. All of the titles set to hit theaters July through December were pushed back considerably, some only a month and others an entire year. This is a natural hazard of creating a list based on movie release dates at the beginning of the year.

After much  consideration, I've made a few updates to the Paper & Glam Reading List to better align with what's hitting theaters the second half of the year.

Most notably, the movie adaptation of Dan Brown's Inferno was pushed from a Christmas 2015 release to a Fall 2016 release. We'll catch the final installment of Dan Brown's epic series next year. This year December's official read, book to movie adaptation, and the winter Quarterly Classic is now the Christmas classic, Miracle on 34th Street

Paper & Glam Book Club Reading List Fall 2015
The balance of the reading list changes are solely on the Book to Movie side of the schedule. 

In August, we'll read I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up For Education and Was Shot By The Taliban in preparation for the documentary debut on October 2nd. If you're new to Malala's story, it's a powerful one of courage and inspiration leading it to win GoodReads Best Memoir of 2013. You can join me in listening to it read by Malala on Audible

In September, we'll read Walter Isaacson's biography Steve Jobs in preparation for Aaron Sorkin's screen adaptation coming to theaters October 9th. If you're new to the undeniable talent of Aaron Sorkin, I encourage you to watch The West Wing and The Newsroom. Sorkin is screenwriting's very best.

Our plan for October remains with the Halloween classic, Frankenstein

In November, we'll prep for The Peanuts Movie with the classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, both the book and DVD are Thanksgiving staples in the harvest home. If you'd like the complete Peanuts experience, this collection is a must!

What are your thoughts on the newest additions to our reading list?!

My favorite is way the movie releases aligned seasonally. In August, we'll get ready to head back to school by taking a stand for education with Malala. In September, we'll get back to business with the leadership and innovation of Steve Jobs. In October, we stay the course with Mary Shelley's gothic girl power tome. In November, we'll revisit our childhood with Charlie Brown. Finally, in December, we'll imbibe the perennial Christmas favorite Miracle on 34th Street

Fresh printable reading schedule is in the shop to update your planners!

Paper & Glam Book Club - July 2015

Looking forward to seeing you tonight for July's Book Club discussion of The One & Only!

With much literary love,


Sarah Muldoon

Hi Lisa Marie! Hope you're well. Just food for thought - "Becoming Steve Jobs" by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli came out last year and in my opinion and that of many others, is better written. The book takes a look inside Job's life and shows many sides of his character (both professional and personal). Its a great insight to the growth and complexity of one of the most iconic and successful business leaders.

It was truly a great read and for me - inspiring. Leadership is my passion and I wanted to share this title with you :)



Paper and Glam

Hi Sarah!
Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts. I've heard the very same and went back and forth on which title to recommend. Ultimately, I went for the version the screenplay was based on but will absolutely be recommending both!
Much love,

Mary Blevins


I am wanting to read along with you and all the wonderful ladies of your book club. I wanted to start gathering some books. When will you post the 2016 list?


Paper and Glam

Hi Mary, that's great! The 2016 line-up is the next post and I hope to get it up later today!

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