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It Takes A Little Glambition

Paper & Glam - Glambition Project Life Cards

Have you hit your stride after our holiday weekend? 

If you're like me, sometimes it takes a little glambition to make it through to Friday. Luckily, there's fresh glam up in the shop to help us have fun while we get it done. Introducing the Glambition Project Life Cards (above) and Planner Stickers (below)!

We can all use an extra push to keep lighting it up when life is wearing us down. Over the past couple weeks I've worked to bring that "just light it up" attitude to life in pixels for use in our planners and Project Life albums. 

Paper & Glam - Glambition Planner Stickers

What says light it up more than sunglasses, glowing neon signs, and hot pink lipstick? At just $5 each these designs are ready to come home!

Remember the beauty of digital products is their sustainability. No more running out of stickers or paying $5 for just one sheet. Once you snag the Glambition or You Better Work stickers from The Glam Shop the files are yours for printing as many times as you'd like!

What do you think of the latest designs?

Cheers to glamming it up and getting it done!


Stacey Greene

LOVE the new designs! Did you ever find the perfect printer/sitcker paper combo?

Paper and Glam

Thank you, Stacey! I think so! Gotta find a minute to swap out my printer and I'll report the results. :) Thanks so much for stopping by and for the note.

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