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Paper & Glam Book Club Fall 2015

Paper & Glam Book Club - Fall 2015

Paper & Glam Readers, 

Over the course of the year, we've experienced shake-ups on the Book to Movie shelf. All of the titles set to hit theaters July through December were pushed back considerably, some only a month and others an entire year. This is a natural hazard of creating a list based on movie release dates at the beginning of the year.

After much  consideration, I've made a few updates to the Paper & Glam Reading List to better align with what's hitting theaters the second half of the year.

Most notably, the movie adaptation of Dan Brown's Inferno was pushed from a Christmas 2015 release to a Fall 2016 release. We'll catch the final installment of Dan Brown's epic series next year. This year December's official read, book to movie adaptation, and the winter Quarterly Classic is now the Christmas classic, Miracle on 34th Street

Paper & Glam Book Club Reading List Fall 2015
The balance of the reading list changes are solely on the Book to Movie side of the schedule. 

In August, we'll read I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up For Education and Was Shot By The Taliban in preparation for the documentary debut on October 2nd. If you're new to Malala's story, it's a powerful one of courage and inspiration leading it to win GoodReads Best Memoir of 2013. You can join me in listening to it read by Malala on Audible

In September, we'll read Walter Isaacson's biography Steve Jobs in preparation for Aaron Sorkin's screen adaptation coming to theaters October 9th. If you're new to the undeniable talent of Aaron Sorkin, I encourage you to watch The West Wing and The Newsroom. Sorkin is screenwriting's very best.

Our plan for October remains with the Halloween classic, Frankenstein

In November, we'll prep for The Peanuts Movie with the classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, both the book and DVD are Thanksgiving staples in the harvest home. If you'd like the complete Peanuts experience, this collection is a must!

What are your thoughts on the newest additions to our reading list?!

My favorite is way the movie releases aligned seasonally. In August, we'll get ready to head back to school by taking a stand for education with Malala. In September, we'll get back to business with the leadership and innovation of Steve Jobs. In October, we stay the course with Mary Shelley's gothic girl power tome. In November, we'll revisit our childhood with Charlie Brown. Finally, in December, we'll imbibe the perennial Christmas favorite Miracle on 34th Street

Fresh printable reading schedule is in the shop to update your planners!

Paper & Glam Book Club - July 2015

Looking forward to seeing you tonight for July's Book Club discussion of The One & Only!

With much literary love,

Welcome to August!

Paper & Glam - August Planner Stickers

Ready to celebrate August? 

This month, with the launch of The Glam Planner, our monthly life lists will pop off the pages of your planner in full-color illustrations. 

Paper & Glam - August Life List 2015The Glam August Planner Sticker sheet holds fifteen original illustrations for each reason to celebrate in August. The top portion of the stickers sheet is designed for a perfect fit in your weekly Glam Planner boxes and the bottom portion is ready to take it's place in the monthly boxes. 

All illustrations coordinate with the Glam Planner color palate so whether you're planning a pool day this August or next June you'll create a uniform look.

Remember since these are printable sticker sheets you can print them as many times as you'd like, use them throughout the year, and even for years to come. 

How cute would that Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired sleep mask look on your sabbath days?! The flamingo pool float will look smashing on planned pool days all summer long. The planner and pen can remind you to plan for the upcoming week. The stack of books is an ideal marker for time set aside to turn some pages or get ready for book club. While this month the "glam cam" will help us celebrate World Photo Day, she's also ready to remind us to document life and snap some shots all year long.

Each monthly life list is inspired by seasonal events, holidays taking place that month, what fruit is in season, trends in home decor and fashion, plus celebrations around the world. 

While these are my fifteen August favorites, I encourage you to make your own list of monthly traditions and celebrations. The August Life List can be downloaded and edited in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

The heart behind a monthly life list is to celebrate the sacred in the ordinary. One of my favorite bible verses says, "teach me to number my days that I may gain a heart of wisdom" (Psalm 90:12).  We can't let our days rush by without setting aside time to savor and reflect while celebrating simple, everyday moments.

With much August love,

Introducing The Glam Planner!

Paper & Glam - Introducing The Glam Planner!

Happy Sunday!

Today is a very special day here on Paper & Glam. 

It's time to introduce you to The Glam Planner

Have you searched for a chic, professional, elegant planner?

A planner that transitions seamlessly from work to home without sacrificing feminity for professionalism?

Meet The Glam Planner!Paper & Glam Shop - The Glam Planner 2015-2016

The Glam Planner is a printable, instantly digitally-delivered planner spanning August 2015 through December 2016 with monthly and weekly layouts.

Each month is designed with it's own signature color giving The Glam Planner seasonal style to spark your creativity. 

Are you ready to glam it up and get it done? The Glam Planner is ready to work!

For a full walk-through, watch her video debut:

You may be new to digital (printable) planners so let's chat about the pros of a digital planner over a traditional planner. 

You can reprint a digital planner as many times as you'd like (for personal use, of course).

That means....

  • Want one for work, school, and fitness? Print three!
  • Change plans and want to replan a day, week, or month. Print out whatever pages you'd like to redo!

Another perk, you can choose your own binding! 

  • Want a traditional ring bound planner? Grab an A5 punch, a planner of your choice, and you're ready to go!
    • This is my reigning favorite ring-bound planner. I've got her in pink (discontinued) and plan to get black for Fall. 
  • Love spiral bound? Take it to your local copy center and have it bound for a few dollars. 
  • Want to try the Arc System? That will work, too.

Curious about how to assemble your Glam Planner?

Here's a video showing the process end-to-end and my tips and tricks:

What do you think of The Glam Planner?! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

To celebrate the launch of The Glam Planner and say thank you to this incredible family of planners, now through July 31st take 20% off The Glam Planner with the code GLAMFAM at checkout.