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Erin Condren Life Planner 2015-2016 | Review + Giveaway!

Here is the video you've been waiting for...a sneak peek at the 2015-2016 Erin Condren Life Planners!!!

The Giveaway

Enter to win one of the 10 $50 Gift Cards to by leaving a comment below including your full name and e-mail address. Plus for another chance to win, hop over to Instagram!

Winners will be posted Sunday, June 14th on the Paper & Glam Facebook page.

Much love and luck going out to each of you,

P.S. For $10 Off Your 1st Erin Condren purchase, click here!

Giveaway is a wrap, congrats winners!

Erin Condren Giveaway Winners From P&G

They'll be another 10 planner giveaway next month ;)


Deborah Yoon

Always a pleasure reading and watching (and listening) to what you have to say.
Thanks for another opportunity to become just as type awesome as you!

Deborah Yoon

Lakindra Buford

Awsome opportunity...thanks for the chance to enter...this would be awsome for the remainder of nursing school ... A lot of clinicals and tests...

Lakindra Buford

Lakindra Buford

Samantha Samkange

So excited to see your review! Seeing notifications of your videos always brightens up my day. Blessings & love from Manchester UK!

Samantha Samkange

Renee Andre

Awesome review!! It was great to hear what you are doing differently for the next year.
Renee Andre

Daphnée Dorval

Just discover your channel and it was a pleasure watching the review about the Erin Codren life planner. Kind of knew to start planning. Will stick around luv your video so far thanks

Erica Row

This looks to be a very exciting launch! I just tried to put my EC into a Filofax and I do not like it. Would love to go back to the original! - Erica Row

Hunter Collins

I want the rose gold but so many people talk about the gold shedding so I might be like you and go traditional

Hunter C

hunterolltiderollov3 dot gmail dot come

Hunter Collins



I'm really curious about trying a Erin Condren. I have a Plum Paper right now. Would love to win the giftcard! Thanks for the great video.

Vanessa Lopez

I have just recently started planning and I can honestly say that I am obsessed lol

Vanessa Lopez

Thatilla Jacob

I love all your videos :) you've inspired me, keep up the great work!
Thatilla Jacob


Okay, the vertical layout makes it so much nicer! I would love to be considered. This would be perfect for nursing school. :)

Angie Pasto

Veronica Brown

Lovely video, as always. So excited to change it up this year and even more excited that the planner community made an impact in Erin's creations. Now, if we could get an A5 option, I think I'd be in planner peace times infinity!

Khela Friday

Amazing review! Thanks for the opportunity to win the gift card, I can never afford a life planner because I am a student. Thanks anyways. Love you!!

Veronica Brown

Oh, and my email is :)

This time in the planner community is a crazy one. I feel as though we are planning for the birth of twins. I guess in a way we are. We have gave our input and likes/dislikes/wishes and Erin and her staff listened to us and our bundles of joy will be here Tuesday, like a planned c-section. The seek peek thru out the past weeks was the sonogram and Lisa and other bloggers are the heartbeats of this baby. I have to say the EC and the whole planner community is a God Bless and life changing. Because of paper planning I was able not only organize my life but I relized that I was doing to much. I regrouped and made some better life choices. I owe that to EC planner and the planner community
Thank you so much
Kimberly Jones

Terri Hopkins

I am so excited and can't wait for the launch. I love the rose gold.

Terri Hopkins

Cristina Bailey

Hi! I have been subscribed to your channel for not to long, but I have been loving it! Got really excited when opened youtube subscriptions and saw your video because I discovered early this year the Erin Condren Life Planners and I really want one this year...I think that the Life Planner has so many features and colors that I have never seen in a planner in stores before. I really appreciate this opportunity from Erin Condren and yourself. Hugs from Puerto Rico! -Cristina Bailey, email:

Nathaly Rodriguez

I love your videos. Your very informative and entertaining . Good luck to everyone 😝🎥✔️🐢💕

Kristina Mucker

So excited! Thanks, Lisa :)

Name: Kristina Mucker

Sherronda  Reynolds

I would love to win this planner. I am a full time college student and this would be a great resource to use for my studies.

Thank You


I've always loved EC planners, and after following your videos I've been inspired to start planning. Thank you for doing the gif card, it will surely make someone's planning experience even better!
Katelyn Alderidge

Coralis Aguayo

So excited!!! This year is the year!! i want my own erin condren, only that shipping is soooo expensive to where i live!!

Jenni Bornetun

I've always wanted a life planner, hopefully I'm able to get one. Good luck to everyone!

Jenni Bornetun


Thank you for doing the giveaway. I looks like such a well thought out planner.

Jennifer Stanfield


Thank you so much for sharing the love!! Crossing my fingers!
Yazmin Gutierrez

Nyghea Parker

Thank you so much for the chance to enter to win this wonderful prize.

Maricela Rios

Great review, looks like an awesome planner. I currently have a Franklin Covey planner that I've been using for years. Erin Condren would be a nice change :) Love your videos! Always very informative.

Nyghea Parker

Nyghea Parker


I mean horizontal*!

Cecilia Tindall

So excited to get my life planner this year for the first time!

Natasha Cheatham

Congratulations on 20k followers!!! You deserve it! I enjoy all of your videos and inspiration.
Natasha Cheatham

Della English

Thank you for such a great review! I am definitely sold!
Della Danielle English


I'm so excited for the new horizontal planner! I've been waiting for that, its easier for me with school and what not!


Oops forgot my email!


So excited! April Martin

Leanne Planas

Leanne Planas

Eliiana Alfaro

Eliana Alfaro

Stacey Fox

I was on the fence about getting an EC next year, but I do like the vertical layout. I'd still love if she made loose pages that we could put in our own binder system. I think that would give me total planner peace.

Ashlyn Troutman

I think I will still stick to the vertical layout. I feel like I can see the week at a glance better in this layout rather than the horizontal.
Ashlyn Troutman

Devon Sperry

Definitely don't have the money for one. Fingers crossed on winning a giveaway.

Devon Sperry

Tina zaucha

Tina Marie Zaucha.

Janeth Serrano

Thanks for the opportunity!!

Janeth Serrano


Thank you for the great review! I love your videos!
Levenna Myers

Mary Correa

Another great video, Lisamarie! Thanks!!

Mary Correa


Chelsea Moorhouse

Jocelyn Davis

I love all of your videos lisamarie. I love the planning videos escpesially. You rock.
Jocelyn Davis

Erin Judy

Great inside peak for the new planner! Can't wait to get mine!

Jamie Owens

I am so excited to see the new changes! However, I am torn between the vertical and the difference in color?? How is one to choose??

Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

Jamie Owens

Hannah McMillen

Love the horizontal option! Seems like so much more space!
Hannah M


Do you know if EC is going to sell the Life Planner with unpunched pages for those of use who want to use a ring binder?

Michelle Wittrock

Thanks for the inside look!

Michelle Wittrock


I love your videos!

Claudia Rivera-Lemus

Jo-Anne McCarthy

Loved the video and love the new look planner. I am in Australia and am so jealous of the options all you glam girls get in the U.S.! Would love a planner for University/Blog planning. Yes Lisamarie you have inspired me to start my own blog!!!!

Victoria Savannah

LOVE your channel and this video!!

Victoria Savannah

Naomie Ramos

Thank you LisaMarie for such a detailed look into the new life planners. I am so excited for all the changes!

Naomie Ramos

Thank you LisaMarie for such a detailed look into the new life planners. I am so excited for all the changes!

Reina Weinstock

Loved this video, so informative with the comparisons to the previous ECLP.
I would looooove to try the horizontal ECLP cause that is how I prefer to plan.

Thanks for the great video!

Reina Weinstock

Remington Jackson

still torn between horizontal and vertical, seems like a lot more sticker options for vertical but ive always been a horizontal girl.
Remington Jackson

Stephani Potter

I was super sad about some of the changes but after watching your video I have so many ideas for the new adjustments!!!! Thank you so much for the in-depth look and the chance to win a gift card.
Stephani Potter

Danyelle Katina Lanenga

Thank you for the Opportunity Lisa! I am so excited for this launch of the Erin Condren planner, as this will be my first one! I have been watching your videos on youtube and admiring the planner for so long! <3 I can't wait to get one ordered!

Danyelle Katina Lanenga


Great video as usual. I didn't purchase an EC planner for 2015. I've said many times that I've missed it.I didn't think I needed all of the room it provided. Now that I think about it it would be great for long term planning at work. Especially with the goal section, note section for each month and the ability to divide the 3 portions of each day whatever way you want.

Shaeron King

Nikki Hallenbeck

Wow! Such an amazingly detailed video! I'm so excited for this years changes! You are so inspirational, and I can't wait to binge watch all your videos tonight! Lol

Nikki hallenbeck

Name: Nikki Hallenbeck

Oops sorry forgot to post my info :)

Claude Campeau

Thanks for the chance to win!

Kalee Johnson

Thank you! The video was very helpful and thank you for the giveaway!

Rachel Schmeckpeper

Ahhh I've been waiting for this video! Thanks so much <3


Tamara Strickland

I'm excited about the horizontal layout. Love your videos and your blog.
Tamara Strickland.

Alexis Tiongson

I love your channel. Thanks for the chance to win.

Leah Sumner

I am so happy to have found your channel and blog through Alexis Giostra! I love both of your styles! What an amazing opportunity! The new EC planners are beautiful!!!

Leah Sumner


Great review and video!!! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!! Good luck everyone!! :-)


Yuval Nahum

Tiffany Aleman

This planner would be so great for college, I was debating getting it but after watching your video I know I have to get it! I would prefer the horizontal layout though just because I like how it's lined :)

Tiffany Aleman

Christina Lindemann

So excited to get my first EC planner!
Christina Lindemann

Johnny Pham

Love these planners.
Johnny Pham

Taylor Ballard

Amazing video , as is all of your other ones . also thank you for the opportunity to win a planner . such an inspiration ♥

Taylor M Ballard

* stay beautiful

Cheri Tansey

Thank you for this giveaway!


I hope hope hope to win!!! Never had an EC planner before, and I'd LOVE to do a review on my YouTube channel!!! :D


Excellent video and info on the new planner! Fingers crossed for a win! Appreciate all of your efforts!

Nikasha Tangirala

Thanks for the giveaway! I'm new to your channel and have really been enjoying your videos.


Looking forward to the opportunity of possibly winning an EC planner!! I love your videos and the community you've created for those of us who love planning!

Cielo Diaz


If I would to choose, I'm going to choose the horizontal one. Cuz school, homework!
Cheryl Tong

Katie Williams

I loveeee the Rose Gold! Exciting!
Katie Williams


Great review! I loved your idea to use the perpetual calendar as a gratitude journal. Thanks for the generous giveaway!
Julie Nicewinter


Laura Rychalsky

Sarah Erbil

Fingers crossed!

Sarah Erbil -

Love you and our P&G family!!

Melanie Nelson

Great video! Love the sneak peak before release date! Think its great that a bigger coil may solve the problem of all those stickers and extra bits that get added :)

Nicole Mazzucco

Thank you so much for taking the time to create such amazing content for your viewers.

You are my biggest inspiration!!! <3

Cassady Sunderman

Love your videos! I'm so excited for the new planner I just recently became obsessed this past year and can't wait to order another(: love the idea for the gratitude journal!

Lauren Lewis

I am excited that they will be offering a horizontal design.
Lauren Lewis

Kristina McDaniel

Thank you for this video - I was debating between this and a couple of other planners out there. You have helped me pick my first EC planner, Thanks a bunch!!!!

Kristina McDaniel


Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such an amazing prize. Have loved you and your channel for a long time!
Rebecca McCartney


Wahou! so much opportunities to win gift cards
Audrey Bonin


Excited for Tuesday

Alexandra Hopkins

OMG! I love all the Erin Condren planners. The designs are so cute and functional.

Alexandra Hopkins

Alexandra Hopkins

Samantha Dominguez

So excited for this year's ECLP!!!
Samantha Dominguez


Candice Farmer

I love the gratitude journal idea! I am looking forward to doing that with my next one.


Hailey Szews

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