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Paper & Glam - Building Your Glampire #Marketing

Last night on the third installment of Glampire Chat Alexis Giostra & I shared our #1 secret for marketing our businesses!

The Secret

The #1 reason our businesses turned profits immediately is because we design custom content driving traffic across our online properties. Experts agree that custom content creation is the future of online marketing. If you're creating content that either informs or inspires (be of service!), your content and business will market itself.

Media Platforms

We recommend picking three online platforms and consistently creating content tailored to each. For Alexis and I, those platforms are our blogs, YouTube channels, and Instagram feeds. The frequency with which you post to your chosen platforms should simply be one you can sustain.


We shoot for an Instagram picture each day, 3 blog posts each week, and 1-2 videos weekly. As a business owner with a full-time job, my execution isn't as tight as that of Alexis, and that may be the case for you if your online business is a side hustle. That's ok! Do the best you can where you are in this season of life. 

Start Today

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have right now! Don't wait, start making custom content around your brand or business!

But first, click play to learn more!

Glam on #girlbosses,


Janelle Perritte

I've been following you for a few months now. How did I miss this?! This is a wonderful addition to your content. I've started a private practice and a lot of this information applies. Thanks for sharing!

Jenna Meow

I'm loving this glampire series. I really respect your approach and honesty to creating an online business. My blog is only 6 months old but is slowly growing organically. This series is a big help, thank you!

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