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#SummerInTheGlampire Photo Challenge

Paper & Glam - #summerintheglampire

Are you ready to celebrate summer?!

I love sharing a daily snap over on Instagram and I can't think of a more fun or glam way to celebrate and document Summer 2015 than with an Instagram Photo Challenge!

This June, my glampire girlfriend and blogging bestie, Alexis Giostra and I teamed up to bring you the #SUMMERINTHEGLAMPIRE Photo Challenge. You'll recognize many of the prompts and hashtags like #InsideMyPlanner and #YouBetterWork from Paper & Glam and lots from Alexis' blog Strange & Charmed, such as #CharmedGTD (Getting Things Done) and #OnMyiPhone. 

If you haven't participated in a photo challenge before, that makes two of us!

Here's the basics of the #SUMMERINTHEGLAMPIRE photo challenge:

    • Share the image above (Right click & Save Image As) with the daily prompts and post it to your Instagram feed and use the hashtag #SUMMERINTHEGLAMPIRE in your description.
  • SNAP
    • When June 1st arrives, begin posting a photo a day along with the prompts outlined. For June 1st snap a photo of your office decor, on the 2nd show us how you work, and it's glam on each day in June!
    • If you miss the start of this challenge or miss a day along the way, remember this is a no-pressure all-fun challenge! Catch up by posting more pictures if you’d like or you can pick and choose the prompts you want to share. However you choose to participate, Alexis, myself, and the rest of the community are excited to celebrate summer and document life in June along with you!
    • Remember to tag all your images with the #SUMMERINTHEGLAMPIRE hashtag so Alexis, myself and the rest of the Glam & Charmed community can search through the feed and follow along with each of you.
    • Get inspired! Search #SUMMERINTHEGLAMPIRE to see all the photographic magic shared throughout the community. Show your support by cruising through the hashtag and liking/commenting on the photos shared by the participants!

This photo challenge is an opportunity to come together through a shared seasonal experience plus it’s a great way to get exposure for your own account, as well as find your new favorite instagram bestie!

I hope you are as excited as we are for this seasonal photo challenge! We can’t wait to see all your photos and the creative ways you interpret the prompts. Make sure to follow Alexis on Instagram hereon YouTube here, and check out her Charmed productivity blog!

Ready to celebrate summer and document it?!

Happy Summer Snapping,


Leanne ODell

I can't wait to get started with this!!

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