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Happy Weekend Paper & Glam Family!

This week we launched our brand new Bible Study: God & Glam. Thursday night I showed a preview on Instagram and overnight God & Glam grew to 160 members. It brought tears to my eyes to see how many of you believe in a vision of like-minded women putting a hot pink dent in this world for the kingdom of God. 

If you've been watching or reading Paper & Glam for awhile then you know that the most important thing in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ. I measure my success by the impact my life is making for His kingdom. We're all here to seek God and find the real, abundant, heart-pounding, difference-making life that grows out of our walk with Him. 

For the remainder of 2015, we're reading Joyce Meyer's Hearing From God Each Morning at our own pace. This is a dated devotional with a reading for each day of the year, but don't feel obligated to catch-up or to read along, there's no "required reading" for God & Glam. 

My hope is that we share with the group however we're led. The Lord teaches each of us in a unique way, speaking so that each heart can hear. I hope to hear what the Lord is teaching you, the songs that are ministering to you, what you're learning at church, and how we can be praying for you as a community. 

I love how Karlie Cowie put it: 

God & Glam Screenshot
This week God spoke to me about waiting, reminding me once again that this season is about putting in the work and then sitting still before Him.

I want to be a woman of action and execution, taking the quickest route from point A to point B. I want the life God has for me so badly that at times I forget that I'm already living it. 

Paper & Glam x God & Glam - Hearing From God

Success in life depends so much on our ability to wait patiently before the Lord, continuing to execute faithfully without cutting corners. Sometimes life feels like a staring contest with no, trying not to blink while we pray that God turns that no into yes. 

This week Joyce Meyer reminded us that "sometimes you just stand" in life. Just stand, that's our part, so simple yet so hard. I want to run in life and God doesn't even want me to stroll, He wants me to learn to stand fully surrendered. Life isn't just about putting in the work. It's also about having fun while we're working, waiting, taking a stand, and holding our ground.

For those of you who are either ready to find the Lord or are already walking with Him, will you take a moment to pray for this group with me? 

Father God,
Thank you for this community of women with hearts after you.
Please let us be a place of refuge where women can come to hear your truth and feel your light shining into the dark places in our lives and in your world. 
Give us servant spirits and warrior hearts to pour your love into this group and make it a place where the light meets the dark. 
It's in your matchless name of Jesus Christ we pray.

Humbled by each of you,


Leanne O'Dell

There should be a "love" button for this. Lisamarie, this totally hits home for me because I am probably the absolute least patient person on the planet. I'm always looking 5 steps ahead and pushing for the next thing. My fiancé is constantly reminding me to relax and my Mom has to remind me to breathe. If anyone has tips on standing still and practicing patience, I would love to hear them. Thanks and God bless.

Jessica C

I love this! Thank you so much for starting this group! I'm so excited to be a part of a group of women that inspire and encourage eachother. Will you be doing a video on how you do your bible Journaling? I would love to to do start Journaling but I'm not sure of where to start. Thank you :)


So glad to be a part of both communities -1 to share and spread the gospel and 2-to confirm what God has done and is doing in YOUR life.
Stay blessed my friend-
@bbprep IG


I love that you are doing this! I went through Joyce's devotionals on Amazon and will be sampling a few of them in the next couple of days to see which one really speaks to me. xoxo.

Kathy Forpahl

I just received my book and know there is no recommended reading but I would be loving to be reading the same thing that everyone is reading and hearing about what God is saying to them.

dalia zapien

Hey Lisamarie!
I am also so glad you are doing this. I think that including God in your everyday life is so important. Like you have said before, it is nice to take some time in your day to remember what is important in life. I also love Joyce's devotionals. One I have read before, which is one of my favorites, and I think maybe we could use for future God and Glam posts is, "New Day, New You. 366 Devotions for Enjoying Everday Life."

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