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Happy Weekend Paper & Glam Family!

It's been a quiet week here on Paper & Glam but a busy one at Glam HQ.

This week it was time for Paper & Glam to undergo a hardware refresh. In order to maximize productivity and produce more great content for your viewing pleasure, I invested in a Macbook Pro, iPhone 6, and a fresh all-in-one printer

Investing in new technology and tools is critical to business. These upgrades will take my video editing and processing time from 4 hours down to 30 minutes. Additionally, I'll be able to run the Adobe design suite while exporting footage, which wasn't possible with my vintage iMac. It's your incredible and humbling support of The Glam Shop that's made this refresh possible, so thank you for all that you do to build this amazing community of women supporting one another.

As a small thank you for all that you do to support us, Alexis of Strange & Charmed and I created an open forum titled "Glampire Chat."

On the first Wednesday of each month we will be hosting a live event to answer your questions about entrepreneurship, branding, design, tech, marketing, social media, planning, fitting it all in, and anything else you'd like to discuss. Join us live via YouTube or check out either of our channels for the replay after the event.

In the first installment of The Glampire Chat we discussed how to start your business with a full-time job (a.k.a. the #sidehustle). If you'd like to tune in, you can watch the replay here:

What did you think of our first Glampire Chat? We'd love your feedback and requests for the next session.

Now that I'm up and running on new tech, I'm so ready to create fresh content for you! 

Stop by Monday for April's installment of Inside My Planner followed by a review of the new Erin Condren spiral notebooks!

Much love,


Chelsea Schwartz

This is awesome!! So happy for you and your new toys... I mean equipment!!! I listened to the Glampire Chat This last week while doing stuff around the house and you guys had some awesome advice for beginners in the business! I don't see myself going down that track personally but thought hat it was super advice and tips!! I'm excited that these upgrades will make editing easier and quicker for you!!

Traci A

I loved the Glampire Chat and I am going to watch it again because there was SO MUCH great information! I love that you both are doing this as it is so generous of you both. I'm so happy for you getting new equipment!! Yay!! Thank you so much for what you do! It is inspiring, helpful and greatly appreciated!! Traci

Britteny W.

Hey Lisa Marie! I am wondering, if I am able to participate in the next Glampire Chat how do I do that? I wasn't aware of this one (however, I did watch it today via YouTube) but would love (work hours permitting) to see the next one live. But since I don't know Youtube very well, how does one do something "live" on there, and how do I participate.

Thanks for being out here in internet-world. And thank you for being you and shining your light bright for Jesus. So many bloggers might mention they're Christian once (like in their "about me") but then it's never mentioned or spoken about in anything else. I appreciate your desire to shine. :-)

Kelzy Wilder

I'm thinking about getting a Macbook Pro for making Youtube videos--and my own laptop is is from 2005-- and was curious about any upgrades you added to yours. Do you use Final Cut Pro or find that upgrading the processor was necessary for your needs? (I know you have a corporateland job that you needed to take into account for, too, but I'm just curious.) Do you just use the webcam on the computer to film?

I've tried to find something a post about your setup, and couldn't.

Haden Lea

Thank you both so much for doing this series! I am learning so much, I can't thank you both enough!

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