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Paper & Glam - Inside My Kikki Condren Planner March

It's time for our monthly planner chat!

This month's highlights include three ideas for DIY planner markers...

Paper & Glam - March Planner

...and discounts to two of my favorite Etsy shops:



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Press play for a 20 minute planner coffee break!

Let's raise our coffee mugs to another month of glam planning in the books!

Thanks so much for hanging with me,


Melissa Kaufman

When I was a little girl I always loved going into school and finding that teachers had changed up their classroom decor with something seasonal. That love has carried into adulthood and into my home. We seem to have a lot in common and I love being a part of your community!

Many Blessings,

Paper and Glam

Hi Melissa!

Thank you so much for stopping by and for the note! What a beautiful seasonal memory. I love that you know where your desire to live seasonally took root. Growing up my mom swapped out key pieces for the seasons, so I owe my love for living seasonal to her. I'm glad we connected and thank you for everything you do to build this community.

Much love,


Hi Lisamarie,

I just wanted to leave you a comment to say I love your site! I found you while I was looking through YouTube videos for how people organize and plan with their Erin Condren planners! Yours have been some of the most helpful. You are an amazing woman and I am so glad I found your channel and now your site. Your tips are so helpful, and beyond that you are very inspiring. It's wonderful and refreshing to see someone living out Matthew 5:16. ;-) Keep it up, pretty lady!

xoxo, Lauren

tena mason

Hi Lisamarie -
I enjoy all of your videos, and i'm pretty stoked to hear of your upcoming plans. i just recently switched careers from engineering to accounting, so i've had to work every saturday from jan 1 to april 15. in general, i look like a hobo that just jumped off a slow-moving train on saturdays, so i'm all about hearing your take on glamming up a saturday work. my saturdays could use a little glam. i admire and respect your creativity and ingenuity........cheers and happy spring!


i LOVE watching your videos! quick question for ya, i tried transferring my ECLP into my kikki k...well i botched the entire thing! :( how did you get it to where the holes were right against the outer part of the box and not inside the days? id hate to try it again and watse more $$! do you have a video, or any advise on how to do this? Thanks! :)

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