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April Life Lists & Easter Coffee

Paper & Glam - Easter Coffee

Happy Weekend Glam Fam!

Can you believe it's time to plan another month of celebrations and traditions? 

If you plan to spend some time looking forward to April this weekend, I'm here with ideas!

One of my favorite April traditions is Easter Coffee.

What do we do with all the yellow peeps and pink bunnies in our Easter baskets? Make Easter Coffee!

Coffee + Marshmallows = Easter Coffee

If you've never had marshmallows in your coffee, this may be a new favorite afternoon treat and Easter morning tradition.

Paper & Glam - April Life ListWhile its health benefits don't quite stack up against green tea, it's better than a cadbury egg, right? 

If you're looking for a few new favorite recipes, Easter Popcorn, Peep Rice Crispy Treats, Coconut Lavender Lemonade, and all the season's best are pinned here and here.

If you're new to life lists and want to learn more, here are the posts from January, February, and March.

What are your favorite April traditions and celebrations?

I'd love to know what's on your April Life List in the comments.


P.S. The Spring Home Tour will be up for you with fresh decor ideas soon!




I really enjoy this months list! Everything seems so fun and I can not wait to get into the next month! I think something I want to start doing next month is read a few books in my bible and really get closer to God, since Eastwr is coming up! Also I wanted to know where the recipie for the coffee cake Easter coffee was at! That just sounds delicious!


I'm actually starting a devotional Bible Study book this Monday, which isn't technically April, but my life list includes:

Cauliflower-Rice Sushi (staying away from carbs in the hotter time of the year)
Palm Sunday festivities at Church (technically not April, but still going on April since it's the end of the month)
Daily Jesus Dates
Read a Book Outside in the Sunshine (It's already feeling like Summer in Florida, so gotta do this before it gets TOO hot)
Spring Bubble Bath (Gotta de-stress from Midterms)
Motorcycle ride with Daddy on Easter Sunday
Mimosa Party

Paper and Glam

Hi Maddie! Thank you! I'm happy to hear my commitment to live in celebration is resonating with you. Great ideas for your April List. World Market sells Carrot Cake Coffee, so it's as simple as brewing a cup. :)

Paper and Glam

Hi Kelly!

We're on the same page with the carbs. I gave up sugar, gluten, and wine two days ago. It's tough but I already feel better.

Mimosa Party sounds amazing! Great one I may need to incorporate. Brunch by the pool, perfect!

Beebeez Life

Loved this months list! I look forward to your seasonal home decor post!


I use different juices and put them in small containers for tasting (I really love grapefruit juice as a mimosa) and make a variety of cold sandwiches (the biggest hit in mine is tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil on a toasted English muffin) to welcome the beach weather.

We all wear our craziest Kentucky Derby/My Fair Lady hats and watch old classic movies.

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