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Today I'm excited to share a very special collaboration with Strange & Charmed!

Alexis of Strange & Charmed and I filled boxes with our favorite office and planner supplies, swapped, styled, and shared the results.

Here is Alexis' video unboxing & styling The Glam Box:

Here is my video unboxing & styling The Charmed Box:

Plus, enter to win a Glam Box full of my office essentials including one of the brand-new You Better Work sweatshirts! Winner will be announced 3/1 right here!

Glambition for Your Closet

Even better, with every sweatshirt purchase now through the end of the month, I will also include a You Better Work Notebook with your order.

Who doesn't need some cozy motivation on a chilly Monday?

Let's get to work!


Michelle R

Love all the fun things in this video!

Bridget Spackman

Love the cute supplies! I just recently became with obsessed with Alexis. I have been binge watching all of her videos. It just warms my heart and allows me to wind down from a crazy day at work. Thanks!.... SOOO the day you posted about the Kikkik planner I just HAD to buy one. I am *not* so patiently waiting for it to get here. Should I be on the look out for USPS/Fedex/UPS?

Mary Howard

Having fun getting great ideas!

Shirley Aguirre

Love all the office supplies and new sweatshirt! Thanks for helping me continue to feel young at heart! Even when I'm 40+ !!


Love love the supplies. Just caught the planner fever and need supplies. Both you ladies have contributed to this fever my husband thanks you. Lol...


Such a fun collab!! I need those macaroon lipgloss!!

Queen Mary

What a wonderful collaboration Lisamarie! She is a hoot! And her blue plays off your pink beautifully! Her little dog is cute too! I'm off to see your video and box of goodies now!

Wendy R

Both of you are just so fabulous!!! Really enjoyed this collaboration <3


Great videos/blog. I think I have found a new love with office supplies and organization.


What a fun and inspiring collaboration! Both videos were a pleasure to watch. Love all the essentials you mentioned!

Diana Darlene Jennings

Alexis was right! You two are alike. I loved the videos. I'm a planner girl myself and I'm looking forward to your videos & blog Lisamarie. I hope you and Alexis get to meet in person. When you do make sure to share the video with us! Many blessings to you both.

Cynthia A

I love everything about your blog! So many great ideas for my planner and home.

Debbie Ward

I'm a newbie to the planner world and so appreciate your blog and videos. I started following Alexis first and found you via her you tube channel. Love your life list on your blog. I have one that I started years ago and it's tucked away in a notebook. After seeing your blog, it gave me the idea to make it more important by keeping it where I see it every day. Maybe I'll make a dashboard out of my list for my new planner! Thanks for your inspiration!

jenna juersivich

love the video! you and alexis are so excited for all things planner! nice to see

Donna McBroom-Theriot

Not sure where to post to enter the giveaway. I am an "older" paper and glam girl. I've been enjoying your blog and videos. You are quite the inspiration - even for us older gals! Thanks! Donna

Britteny W.

So excited to have found you! I love the stuff Alexis sent you (I watched her video first cuz it was on top lol!). The washi tapes are super cute! I'm gonna have to check out our Target to see if we have any cute office supply stuff in the dollar section!!
Love the tassel too!!


Another great video! Now how can a girl give up shopping for Lent when you post this awesomeness! And so looking forward to some spring weather soon! My sweaters and space heater are getting a workout.


Such fun stuff! Thanks for sharing and enabling my addiction. :-)


OMG!!! Today is the day!!! :-)


OMG!!! Today is the day!!! :-)


Yeah how do you enter the giveaway? I couldn't find that info!

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