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Inside My Planner | February + Giveaway!

Paper & Glam - Inside My Planner February

Happy Valentine's Day this week!

Today we take our monthly look inside my Erin Condren Life Planner, talk through my latest planning techniques, a new favorite Etsy shop, plus enter to win one of 4 $100 shopping sprees to Erin Condren! 


As we'll discuss in the video, Andrea of Scribbles Print Co. runs a very color-coordinated Etsy shop. All Scribbles stickers are designed to match perfectly with the monthly Erin Condren layouts. This is type-a (a.k.a. Type Awesome!) heaven.

Enjoy 15% off your order with the code paperandglam at checkout. 


4 Ways to Win a $100 Gift Card to Erin Condren:

1. Subscribe to the Paper & Glam YouTube channel and leave a comment on the video.
2. Leave a comment on this post.
3. Follow @paperandglam on Instagram and share a peek at your planning routine with #paperandglam.
4. Join the Paper & Glam Planning Group and leave a comment on the giveaway string!

Thank you so much for reading and watching,


Lakindra Buford

Amazing opportunity. ..love your ideas and style all together especially your project life album..keep being a blessing to the rest of the world...we nees more positive pwople likee yourself with the Want and need to spread love as you do...


Thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas Lisamarie. You are very inspiring! Have you thought about doing a meet up in Denver? Thank you for all your hard work to inspire all of us to stay connected with the lord, read, exercise and of course stay organized!


This is a great opportunity to try out new planners thanks for sharing 😄


These are my favorite posts! Love your planning style so much!


Love the way you are using you planner this month! Really gives me great ideas on how to set mine up!


That's a lot of color coordination with the stickers, hehe.

Lindsay Perez

Thank you for posting these vidoes! I love all the stickers! I've started planning first, then adding stickers to empty spaces later.


Just finished watching your video. Loved every single second of it. It's crazy how crazy we get with planners. I was watching my nephew organize his Pokemon binder and I asked him why he collected so many cards and what was so special about it all... then I thought about my planner and was like, "I wonder if this is what my husband thinks when it comes to my planner..."

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Lisa Campbell

your stickers are adorable!! glad i found paper and glam I didn't know so many people were using these planners

Melissa Kaufman

Looking innside your EC planner is my favorite kind of video! :) Thanks for sharing!

Many Blessings,


Thanks so much for sharing! I love seeing how you use your stickers and project life cards! Very inspirational!

Erica Anne

Thank you for sharing all your planning ideas! I would love to win this giveaway!

Megan Long

I love how you are so organized and passionate about the things you do. Since I discovered your channel on YouTube, I've started making monthly/weekly goals that I write down. It's so rewarding to be able to see what you accomplish and also what you need to work on. THANK YOU for sharing ideas like that!!!

megan geyer

Very cute stickers! I loved your January fun to do list!

Jennie Holguin

So creative!!!! I love it :)

Izabel Guerrero

Eek! First time entering a giveaway. Exciting! Thank you for this amazing opportunity to win an EC planner. I'm aballer on a budget workibg fulltime and a full time Network Admin. student....winning this planner would be a wonderful gift! Xxoo

Taylor Morefield

I have a planner right now but it's not working very well for me :( I love all your wonderful ideas

Courtney Barraclough

Yay! I look forward to your planner posts. Thank you for another giveaway :D <3


LOVE all your posts!! Thank you for sharing :)


Out of all of the different planners online, on planner reviews, and on youtube videos the EC life planners are by far my favorite! They are perfection<3 I love how they are so durable and they come with so many bonuses like the gorgeous elastics to keep them closed and the handy rulers:)! They are also uber cute and perfection for a girly girl like myself:)!!! Between being a full time student and working I have to keep track of everything from assignments to classes to work to exams to bills and bank account and spending and savings and basically I have a lot to keep track of and I am a perfectionist so I need to stay organized 24/7 or I will lose my mind!!! I LOVE planners and organizing them and decorating them (when I finally find a little bit of free time lol!) They are what keep me sane in life! Thank you so much this is AMAZING<3!!! THANK YOU:D!!!!!!


Hi, Lisa! Always love your videos!
Lots of love from Brazil =)

Clau Aguilar

Hey!, I love your planner and your set ups!. You are the main reason I want to try ECLP. Unfortunately I can't afford it, and well, the opportunities of finding a beautiful planner in Mexico are 0.. I buy my planner stuff on amazon.com, but I'd really love to try the one you use and make so beautiful!!

Tanya M.

I'm definitely trying to win this thing lol Thanks for the opportunty!

Jessica Coletrain

I think I'm going to try to print more of my own stickers. I love the stickers on Etsy, but I also want to find a way to print stickers that are more personal and meaningful to my journey and walk with God. Thank you for all the great ideas!


Hi Lisamarie!
I've been on the Etsy Shop you talked about in the video but there's on vacation :( The things you've bought are definitely perfect!

Thank you so much for this chance to win and have an erin condren planner (i'd love to!!)

Have a nice day! God bless you ^^

Siobhaun MacIntosh

I love this post!! Would love to win!! Love your organization style!!


I love seeing how you use your Erin Condren planner! It's given me ideas for goals, to stay even more organized & a happy person!


Thanks for the info on printing the stickers at office depot! I'm going to have some printed, yay! I'm happy to have found someone who loves pink, loves planners,loves to read, and most of all loves discipleship! !

D Johnson

Your creativity with your planner is inspiring. Thanks for all the helpful info and tips.


Hope to win! Thanks again for the chance :)


Lisamarie, thank you for the opportunity to win! It is wonderful!

Leigh peterson

I love your planner videos! Thank you for sharing all the links, discount codes, etc!

Rebecca Haynes

Love your planner...I would love to win so I can join in on the fun.

Chelsea Schwartz

Love your planner!! I need to get some stickers for my planner so I can make my planner a little more awesome!!

Michelle Eaton

So many new ideas I learn from you!! PLEASE keep them coming!!!!

Erica C.

Your site and youtube are a new find. Thanks for the great giveaway.


Those stickers are so cute!! I'm new to the whole planner world and love watching your tips!


LOVED the cover and how you made things works this month. I discovered your channel and blog last month and I'm obsessed ever since. You are such an inspiration.

Diana Acevedo

You never fail to inspire ;)


I just started watching your YouTube channel ans I love your videos! I've been looking into getting an erin condren planner myself just haven't convinced myself to spend the money for one!


Thanks for opening up your planner for all of us to see. You provide inspiration to me and many others. I absolutely love your positive outlook on life. I wish you many blessings. Just and FYI, scribble prints is closed until February 20th. Do you know if the coupon code expires? Take care and looking forward to your future videos. :)


LOVE the stickers you got! Especially the sparkly page flags. So beautiful.


I love your videos. I have just started with a planner after years off. I love all the excitement around them and the creativity. Thanks for all your great information.

Karla Saltos-Garcia

Thank you for brightening up my day today-home sick and felt like an old friend was visiting when I saw your new video. Have a blessed day!


such cute stickers. Love your videos.

Veronica B.

Erin Condren is absolutely awesome! Love everything she does, and I love your blog and channel! Also: your book club is so motivational! Thank you!

J'ne McGehee

I just got my FIRST EC planner in the mail! Where have I been?! Lol I wish I would have stumbled upon Her before now! Thanks for the tips, I know they will come in handy!

Teri James

I love watching your viedos and reading your blog, I read alot before I joined your bookclub but now I wish I could quit my job and read all day jk not really but one could dream

Caroline Watt

You are so generous!! I love your vides and your home is beautiful. :-)


I am always looking forward to your planning videos.. Thank you so much for the constant inspiration!


I love all the colours.


Hi! I am new to the planning world and when i found your YouTube channel and blog, it got me really excited to start planning for fun as well as to be organized. I LOVE your blog, shop, and channel so much and it would be awesome if I could win the giveaway, to help me with my new found planner obsession. Thank you for helping me get inspired and being so generous with this giveaway! Happy Valentine's Day!


I truly appreciate that you provide so many resources for planning.


Hi Lisa, thanks for the chance to win a planner. Cheers, Laurie in FL.


I love color-coordinated stickers! That makes my Type-A self happy :) Thank you so much for sharing with us!


Your planning inspires me so much. I love every single thing about it, thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card. Good luck to all


Thank you so much for this opportunity to win! I cannot wait to receive my first planner. Your YouTube channel has given me so many wonderful ideas!


Thank you so much for this opportunity to win! I cannot wait to receive my first planner. Your YouTube channel has given me so many wonderful ideas!

Maria Toftelund

Hi Lisa.
Thank you for your inspiring blog and you tube videos.
Thank you for the opportunity to win a Erin Condren giftcard ;)
Love M


Hi Lisamarie!
I have been following your blog, hunting your shop, and watching all of your youtube videos for a while. I LOVE everything you do and It really got me into planning. I think it is awesome that you are a christian and are very open about it, and as a young disciple, I admire you. I am a student athlete in high school, with a pretty good planner, but I have had my eyes on the Erin Condren for a while. I would love to win your giveaway, and I think you're incredibly generous for holding this giveaway in the first place!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Katie E.

I'm completely blown away by your generosity! This is my first real visit to P+G.com and it's awesome! I'm looking forward to reading more!


Ugh. Now I want ALL the stickers! :] You're the best for sharing this, thank you! xo

Sarah B

Thank you for having this blog and making these videos. I know it takes a lot of time and I don't know how you do it but please know that your hard work is appreciated.


Thanks for all the ideas. I love seeing you do this every month!

Ashley K

I love your style!!! Thank you for always providing opportunities to give to others! You are a beautiful woman inside and out! I can't wait to see the Collab video on saw on your planner for the 14th ;) PS: I think I am developing a sticker addiction problem! LOL you always showcase cute ones! <3

kat hall

Thanks for the opportunity! I love your blog and youtube channel.


Thank you for great give away. Love your channel

Sarah S.

Such a great opportunity! I can't wait to see more from you!


Love your channel, I would love to win this. I have been wanting one for so long!


Bummed to see scribblesprintco on Hiatus right now but will def be looking into them once they resume in a couple of weeks :) Thanks for taking the time to make the planner videos. just found the blog and can't wait to read up !

Kimberly Dubs

It is official, I am a geek! Some people watch Downton Abbey. I watch EC Planner videos. I love how positive you are!


Hi Lisamarie,
That type awesome link was soo funny and scarily true. I love how you organise your planner and make it fun and personal with your own stickers. I look forward to trying to create some of my own. With the relax and the monthly lists full pages do you put them into word as well? and at the size they need to be or do you save them as an image and then tell the place where get them printed what size they need to be? I'm hoping to create some next weekend.
Thanks again for the great ideas.

Dalal Ahmidouch

I really would love to win this. Thank you for this opportunity. I am new to paper and glam but I really like it. Thank you so much again. <3


I love your videos and channel. Love how you have the book club because I love to read and be more diverse in my reading. Love how you plan out your planner and would love to get myself more organized in my personal life.

Taylor Pennell

LOVE your planner layouts!

Teresa Noce

I look at your Erin Condren planner and I feel like I am looking at an artist's painting - page by page:) I see your artistic expression written all over or displayed by your placement of stickers. It is a joy to look at! I realize I am smiling and appreciate your energy and enthusiasm in bringing such joy to all who are able to see your creations. Thank you for sharing so much of your personal style for all of us to enjoy!!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!


I am new to your blog!! So happy to find you! I love that you are bold to share your faith! And your organizing ideas and decorating ideas are super cute and clever! I have been eyeing the Erin Condren planner for a while... I loved your video review and hope I win!! ;) Thanks for such a great giveaway!!


Love you videos!! I'm addicted to planning but I can't buy the ec planner since it would have to be international shipping which is way to expensive!

Laura Browning

Great opportunity for the planner! Could you do a plan with me for a video some time?

Queen Mary

Love the stickers and I love planning! I have to be organized or I'll miss something so this is a great opportunity -- thanks Lisamarie!

Deborah Yoon

Thanks again Lisamarie for a wonderful post!
I noticed on your January Bucket List where you wrote about a new devotional.
Could you make some recommendations?
I have been searching for a new one and would love your input!
Also, I can't wait to see how you use your new stickers when you do another one of these videos in March!
All the recommendations for stickers you have made so far have been wonderful!
Can't wait to hear and see more!
God Bless.


I would love to win the $100 voucher, that would be truly incredible! I discovered your Youtube about a week ago when watching planner videos. I have always loved organising but I have discovered a whole new world of planning and setting goals in a creative and inspiring way - so thanks for that! I think I've now watched all your videos and would be really keen to get my hands on an Erin Condren Life Planner. Thanks Lisamarie!

Taylor Brooke Miller

I just love your blog, youtube channel, and Facebook page! You're such an inspiration!

Deanna R.

You are so inspiring and super generous with these giveaways! Keep doing you girl!!


Your planner layouts are so fun and interesting! I especially love the tips you gave about making and printing stickers. I'd like to be entered in the giveaway please. Thank you & Happy Valentine's Day! <3


Thank you for the generous giveaway! Your organization, life planning, and faith are truly inspirational. I love your ideas for keeping track of things in your life that you need to improve on. Isn't it funny how a change of setting can completely change something that used to be a habit? I can totally relate to your water drinking example. When I was teaching I would be so good about drinking my water all throughout the day. Now that I'm home with my daughter and water is easily accessible at any time, I find myself realizing at noon that I haven't had a sip all day. I really love your energy and I'm so happy that I stumbled across your channel today. It was perfect timing!


You are my planning and organization inspiration! I love these planner videos!

Alison H.

I love these planners and the way you organize them! Such a cute idea!

Mary C.

Hi Lisamarie! Thanks for another fun video. I love the little peeks into your planner. :) You mentioned how your planner bulks up and I am worried about that myself, as well. I am thinking that this year I will buy the 18 month planner when it comes out (even though I have a Jan-Dec 2015 one I love) and then I will just remove the July-Dec pages from the 18th month one so that when I use that next year, I will have a little more room. I totally agree that Erin Condren should make their coils a tiny bit bigger to allow for all the stuff we end up adding to our planners. :) Thanks again!


The video was such fun to watch, I never win anything, unless you count winning a vip pass to meeting an x factor contestant when I was 11 haha. so fingers crossed for this one as I love erin condren and I can't wait to order next years planner. Totally love your channel and now Ive found you blog too thats another blog Im addicted to !

Mikki Scholtens

* Be still, my beating heart * I need those donut stickers in my life! LOVE the video as always :)

Margaret E

I need this planner cover!! Love it!!


I look forward to your Erin Condren video/post every month!


I really enjoy watching your planner organization videos! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and for being so kind and generous!!

Rhonda Slabaugh

Thank you for being a light to the world!


Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway! Not only have you inspired me to start planning again, you also reminded me how much I love to read! Thank you for that! Now the struggle of reading on an iPad or in an actual book. A book is much better, but the iPad is great for night time reading. Ahhh! Thanks again for your inspiration and generous giveaway.


I'm so excited to get my planner in about a week. Your videos have inspired me so much!

Joanna Bradford

Just getting in on Paper and Glam. I've watched several planner related videos and one about the book club. I'm behind but looking forward to joining in the reading! I enjoy seeing your glammed up planner and have gotten some inspiration. Can't wait to see what's next. If I win a planner, I plan to gift it to a friend who can't afford one for herself.

Rockero Love

Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway 😍
I love your planner videos :)


I <3 <3 your planner videos and seeing how you set up your planner and stay organized. It will come in very handy when my EC finally arrives; hopefully later this week. I need to help keep my Younique cosmetics business organized stay on top of my resolutions/goals. I didn't order any of the personalized stickers, coil clips, covers, or the budget and meal planner accessories, but they are on my "to buy" sticky note; so I could totally use the EC gift. Thank you for everything you do, LisaMarie. You are such a blessing and inspiration!!! Hope to see you in NorCal someday for some Paper & Glam time! Oh, and if you are ever interested in trying some new cosmetics, let me know and I will hook you up. Take care and God bless.

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