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Happy Valentine's Day!

Paper & Glam - Valentine's Day Giveaway

Happy Valentine's Day Glam Fam,

Please join me in congratulating February's winners! 

Rockero Love, Cassidy, Faith, and Valentina, please e-mail me to claim your $100 Erin Condren shopping spree on P&G.

Next month we'll do this all over again as we welcome Spring... ;)

P.S. Keep the #paperandglam in full-swing! It's been so fun to connect and see your planning routines.



Sweet! Congrats to the winners! Maybe it will be me next time around!! ;)


I thought that you should know that your "blog" link on your Glam Shop site is not working. All you have to do is re-link it and it should be as good as new! I love designing websites and I was wondering which software you are using. Thanks for the chance to win the planner.

Paper and Glam

Hi Bekah,

The blog link from The Glam Shop took me right here to When I right click to view the link it appears correctly. Let me know what I'm missing! Thank you :) I use Typepad, Photoshop, and basic HTML/CSS. Thanks so much for hanging out with me!


If you actually type in into your web browser, your store comes up. Then if you click on the blog it just refreshes the store page. When you use the link from YouTube it works just fine but I just typed it into my browser and it didn't work. Since it is an outside link, in your code it must have a www in-between your http:// and the (Located in your body code). According to what I can see in the code it isn't there. Which is why it doesn't work with the newest update in Firefox. Also at the top of the code it says compatible with chrome, which is why my other browser allows the link to go through...but not Firefox. (sorry I am a bit of a code freak)

Paper and Glam

Hi Bekah,

Ohh so it's a browser specific issue. That makes more sense because it's working just fine on Safari. I updated the link, let me know if that works! Of course, I want the links to transfer on all platforms. I'm a perfectionist so I appreciate you letting me know!

Thanks so much, Lisamarie


CONGRATS LADIES!!!!!the coil clips are back in stock, I would suggest stocking on those babies lol.


Everything is working now! You see every browser reads code differently so while something may work in one it may not in the other. I know its kind of stupid but something as little as the www can mess it up, but all is well now. I hope you have a great day.

Chris Loverseed

Congrats to those winners :)

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