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January Life List + Winners!

Paper & Glam - A Winter's Idyll

Happy, happy Friday! 

Every year there are so many beautiful reasons to celebrate. As a reminder, I started creating a monthly Life List.

Paper & Glam - January Life ListNot only do these lists give me little things to look forward to, they also serve as a reminder to celebrate everyday.

Since many of you posted that you want to start monthly life lists or bucket lists of your own, I thought I'd share mine for January.

One of my favorite January traditions is to host a Winter's Idyll. I stock the kitchen with hot chocolate & coffee, popcorn & cupcakes, stack up warm blankets & fresh DVDs, and we snuggle up for a warm night of pajamas and films.

I hope my list of little celebrations gives you some ideas for your own monthly Life Lists, and they remind us both to celebrate each day.

Maybe we can cross one of these off this weekend? I'm planning to light my winter candle and dive into #Girlboss.

Lastly, congrats to Lindsay Morris & Jose Ramirez from PaperandGlam.com, and Savannah Smile from YouTube...your $100 gift cards are on the way! Thanks so much for hanging with me!

Happy weekend!

P.S. I made my Life List 4x6 to print and coil clip into my Life Planner and slip into my Project Life album!



I love the Winter's Idyll party idea! I'm gonna host something similar with my sister and Netflix! I'm also super excited about this month's book for the book club, I downloaded it on my Samsung Kindle app and never read it....now I have other Ladies to share the read with!!! Woohoo!


I Love the idea of a monthly life list. Thank you i need to start doing that.


I've never heard of a Idyll party! Sounds so fun :] Loving the book so far, thanks for all you do, xo

Jessica Maldonado

I love the idea of a Monthly Bucket List! I have done Seasonal Bucket Lists, but adding smaller things to a monthly list, like your "black confetti mani" is something I would love to do!
I am so inspired by your organization and all the things you have added to customize your planner! I can't wait to keep being inspired by you for my organizational life, and spiritual life! keep on doing what you're doing.

I would love for you to check out my blog if you have a moment. I posted my 2015 Goals a few days ago.


Ahh! I love the idea of a monthly life list. I definitely need to do this.

Connie | http://www.sponsoredbycoffee.com>Sponsored by Coffee


Love the monthly lists!!! And congrats to the winners too!!! :)


No,Thank you lisamarie you made my wife's year now she can use all the tapes she's been collecting...lol (she explained the collection but I still think it's crazy but as long as she is happy) Happy wife,Happy life!

Also...thank you Liz and congrats to the other winners as well!


Just stumbled on your YouTube Channel/Blog and I love it and so happy to find a fun girl to follow from Colorado! Love it! You're very inspirational! Makes me want to get more organized...

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thanks for that

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