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5 Steps To Improve Your Handwriting

Poppin Signature Pink PensHappy Handwriting Day!

Today we celebrate annual Handwriting Day with tips on how to improve our handwriting!

Here is how I took my handwriting from elementary to artful in five simple steps:

1. Pens.

Beautiful handwriting starts with great pens. Do you have a favorite pen? If not, it's time to find a couple!

When I sit down to write in my journal or my planner, it's not without my favorite pens. Think of pens as your magic wand to better handwriting.

For colored pens, the Staedtler Triplus are second to none from the color range to the ink flow.

For a standard black ballpoint pen, the Poppin Signature Ballpoints are tops. Plus it's doesn't hurt that they come in colors sure to match your personal brand. Of course, I snagged Paper & Glam pink. ;)

Paper & Glam - Kate Spade Journal & Pen

2. Journal. 

The single greatest thing you can do to improve your handwriting is journal daily. Every morning I sit down with a hot cup of coffee, my favorite pens, a journal, and a devotional to write out what's on my heart. 

Find a journal that feels like a friend and tell it your secrets and prayers. Sometimes I simply hold a pen, pray, and wait in expectation for God's answer.

If my journal says hello, I got her here for 15% off!

As you develop the habit of journaling, you'll start to see patterns in your handwriting. Once patterns emerge, it's easy to focus on the words you wrote beautifully, pick out what worked about the way you wrote it, and replicate it over time. 

3. Size. 

Mind the size of your letters. It's far easier to create a uniform look with smaller letter sizing. To help with this, I recommend using a pen with a point no larger than .3 mm.

4. Slow down.

Take your time as you write. Invest the time to rewrite that grocery list. We've all got enough $1 Target post-its and two extra minutes.

Paper & Glam - Journal Collection

4. Be patient.

Improving my handwriting took six years and ten journals of committing the words in my head and the prayers of my heart to paper. My journals sit in my office telling the story of the last seven years (2014 & 2015 sit on my nightstand).

Paper & Glam - Life Is Art Quote - 5 Steps to Improve Your Handwriting

5. Remember life is art.

As you write, listen to the sound of the pen gently scratching the surface of the paper and remember your life is art. Whether you're writing a thank you note or a grocery list, our handwriting is an artform.

Next week, we will continue discussing how to improve our handwriting in a video!

Happy weekend,


Shante Jones

I have used those Staedtler Pens in my plan and love and protected over them. I am very particular of my pens when I am writing...I was into the ink gel pens at one point but, now I use a smooth writing pen I believe made by BIC. Writing with the right pen is important.


Love pens so will definitely be checking out the Poppin Ballpoint pens :]

Kathleen C

I love pens and the Staedtler's are great. My Mom went to Catholic school and has the best cursive while my niece can't even read cursive. My how times have changed.


I enjoyed reading these tips, especially the point no larger than .3mm I can see the difference. Thanks Lisamarie. Just wondering if you had any suggestions for sites or examples that we could look up for really nice handwriting? Thanks :)

Wendy R

My favorite post so far!!! I have started taking calligraphy courses for improving my handwriting since I absolutely love writing journals, scrapbooking, and even letters to friends and family. Thank you!!!

Joi @ Joiful

Thanks for these great tips! I am a HUGE Kate Spade Fan so I got all excited when I saw the pretty planner and pen! Love your style! I recently picked up the black and white polkadot planer, which is actually featured on my blog today :-) Oh and I actually started journaling because of you and this post, so thanks again for the inspiration!


I would love to see a handwriting video! I love the way your handwriting looks in your planner, so pretty :)

I like the idea of taking a calligraphy class to improve my handwriting, I think I will add it to my 2015 goal list!


Thank you for always being an inspiration! Love your style and your thought process for everything you spend your time to make it important.


Thank you so much for this post! I have been trying to improve my handwriting after seeing you planner videos (I just LOVE your handwriting) and I think the most important part that you mentioned is to slow down! I often find myself writing notes or writing in my planner in such a hurry, that when I look back at what I wrote it looks so unorganized and sloppy that I wish I would have spent just one extra minute on whatever it was that I wrote. Thanks for all of the pointers, and here's to a year of better handwriting (I just added that to my resolutions this year)!!


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This is a very helpful post! Great advice. Glad you added have a writing routine. Getting in the habit of writing every more has been crucial for me.
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