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Project Life: Let's Get Started!


Happy Monday and welcome to Project Life 101!

What is Project Life?

In 2009, Becky Higgins created Project Life as a sustainable alternative to traditional scrapbooking. Instead of spending hours designing the perfect scrapbook page, her revolutionary system makes memory keeping as simple as printing your pictures and sliding them into pocket pages.

On Friday, Becky Higgins & team released this beautiful I Am Project Life video giving us a fresh glimpse into her vision:

Let's Get Started!

If that video gave you chills and you're wondering how to get started, here are my 8 Project Life Essentials:

Paper & Glam - Project Life Essentials

  1. Paper Trimmer: First thing first, we'll need a rotary cutter to trim our pictures and paper. For the last decade I've remained loyal to this trimmer from EK Tools. It's held up like a champ, magnetizes your paper in place, and the blade lifts up for maximum control and precision cutting.
  2. Precision Cut Scissors: Same story with these EK Scissors. Your ribbon cutting will never be the same.
  3. Project Life Cards (Core Kit): Core Kits contain 4x6 and 3x4 Project Life cards that slip right into the pocket pages. These kits come in many patterns and colors to suit your personal style. In addition to a core kit, you may want to pick up a few cards geared towards our seasonal moments for holiday memories.
  4. Corner Rounder: Project Life cards come with rounder corners which means we need to round the corners of our photos to create a uniform look.
  5. Journaling Pens: Great colored pens to record our stories.
  6. Adhesive: If you're like me, there may be embellishments and ephemera you want to add to your album, in which case this adhesive from Tombow is my fav.
  7. Pocket Pages: These are the pages for your album that come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any photo size from enlargements to Instagram.
  8. Album: Lastly, we'll need a lovely place to store our finished layouts.

What are your Project Life essentials? Did I  miss anything?

Storytelling is at the core of my calling. Writing stories with pictures and pixels is what lights me up. If you'd like to hear more about my journey into scrapbooking (and ultimately Project Life), or more information on getting started, I created this video:

Hope you enjoyed this first look at Project Life in 2015 and have a great Thanksgiving this week!



Hi LisaMarie, I'm new to Project Life scrapboking and I have a general question. What type of photo only printer would you recommend ? I was looking for something small and compact but one in which also allow me to print hundreds of photos without dying. My husband has a 3 in 1 printer and doesn't want me to us it to print fhe hundreds of photos I have on my iPhone (can't say that I blame him😊).. I just don't want to trek over to Walgreens/cvs every time I have to print pix. Btw, I love your videos and they are sure inspiring me to use Project Life. Thx so much !!!

Christina corriere

Hey, I got a question. For the labels on the spine of the albums, what did you use to print it out? I'm looking to do something like that instead of handwriting the label. Thanks so much!!

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