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How I Organize & Decorate My Life Planner + A Giveaway!

Paper & Glam - How I Organize & Decorate YouTube

Happy Halloween!

What to see how I stay organized?

Grab a cup of coffee and a Halloween treat, today we're taking a tour of my Erin Condren Life PlannerPaper & Glam - How I Use My Life Planner - Halloween Edition

The video on on YouTube walks through how I organize and decorate my planner, as well as my favorite planner supplies.

Plus as my Halloween treat to you, there's a $100 Erin Condren Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

For a chance to win a $100 Gift Card to Erin Condren, leave me a comment below.

Giveaway will remain open through Thanksgiving Day!

Have ghoulishly glam Halloween!


Lynn Koscher

Love your You Tube channel and your blog. I've been wanting an Erin Condren planner, hoping Santa or the contest delivers !
Thank you

Ashley L.

I love your blog and this just made me watch way too many of your YouTube shows! I would absolutely love a planner! :) Thanks for the great giveaway!
God Bless!

Dawn Simpson

Right now I am mostly using DIY Fish 2.2 Midori to schedule my day and track my time... I love Erin Condren and would love to somehow mesh them together! ☺️

Teresa Noce

What an inspiring vlog! Love all your organizational ideas with your Erin Condren planner. The links you listed are great - definitely appreciate all your information! Please count me in as enjoying all your posts and am excited about your generous giveaway! Thank you:)

Jodi C.

Loved your video! My favorite Etsy shop for ECLP supplies is SouthernHaute. They have really nice seasonal covers. I like to change things out for the seasons too! I also like their stickers. I prefer a cleaner look in my planner. They have stickers shaped like this.....{ }......they come in several sizes. I love using them in my planner to highlight and organize list, etc.

Debby S

Love how you decorate. I hadn't really thought about the covers but seeing your holiday ones might make me change my mind.


I love your blog!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Emily Pollard

I just stumbled upon your youtube channel and I love it! Your blog is great too! I can relate so much, this has given me so many ideas and a pick me up! I would love to win the planner, but I'm going to continue reading your blog/youtube channel either way! Thanks!


Your planner and organization style is so fun! Thanks for making the videos and sharing with us!

Paper and Glam

Hi Lynn, thank you so much for spending your time with me. So excited you'll be starting 2015 with a life planner one way or another. :) Good luck in the giveaway!

Paper and Glam

Hi Ashley, that's what I like to hear! ;) Thank you so much for watching and taking a moment to leave me a note. God bless!

Paper and Glam

Hi there, thank you so much for the video requests! I've been thinking about how to deliver on those all day today. :)

Paper and Glam

Emily, your comment made me smile this afternoon. I love that my site gave you a little boost. Much of my content was created when I needed one myself, so it's beautiful to know it's resonating with others. :)

Paper and Glam

Alyson, that's so great, thanks for letting me know!


Love the Erin Condren planners


Subscribed and liked your video!


I'm so glad I found your site! I was looking for reviews for the Erin Condren Life Planner and I came across your video!


Love the video, great review on EC Planner!


Such a cute planner!!!


I just found your channel a few days ago and have already watched all of your videos! I am so inspired by you! I am also a lover of God, planners, books and glam. I'm so excited to watch your channel grow and continue to be inspired by everything you do! Hopefully I can get my hands on an Erin Condren life planner...especially with starting a new job, college and planning a wedding in 9 months. This giveaway is so gracious! Thank you! (:


enjoyed your video very much. i keep my personal and work separate too, i like the boundary it reinforces for me. very generous giveaway. thank you.

Maria Alejandra Coa

Hi Lisamarie! My name is Maria and I am all about a good read, polka dots, love and hot pink!!! I am unfortunately going through a rough time in my life and decided to take a day to regroup and I figured if I would begin to plan for better days then they will sure come. I stumbled upon your channel due to your orgainizational tips for planners and I am so grateful! I am more of a DIY kind of girl so I make it work on a low budget but it takes a lot of my time which I don't have a lot of lately. But after seeing your channel I know you know what it is to have your plate overflowing. Well this was the first time I saw the Erin Condren Life Plannner and I swear my heart skipped a beat!!! This very generous giveaway will give me an opportunity to actually own one quicker...but don't worry if I don't win I sure started a planner fund and I will save till I get it ;) Well thank you for your inspiration and looking forward to seeing more of your blogs and ideas! P.S I know a girl should never ask this but if you don't mind sharing, how old are you? Xo Maria.


Great blog! I especially love how you've arranged your books by color. I ADORE book spines arrange this way. I would love a planner so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Stay lovely!


You are so on top of your blog and replying to everyone! Love your passion and your amazing approach to life! <3

Paper and Glam

Oh girl, I wish I was more on top of it! I haven't posted in over a week :( I do try my very best to reply to each comment, but with over 400 comments last week I got a little bogged down. :( Random question, a reader told me they can't see my responses unless they get back on my site and look. Is that the case? You don't get an e-mail reply?

Paper and Glam

Hi Dawn! Before posting this video, I hadn't heard of the Midori scheduling tools. I'd love to know more! I've tried to mesh Arc with EC, as well as Maybooks but at the end of both attempts a single planner worked best for me. Let me know if you end up using both!

Paper and Glam

Teresa! So happy to hear my blog is resonating with you, that's why I write! Good luck in the giveaway :)

Paper and Glam

Hi MaryAnn! Me too, Erin is queen of the planning world in my book :)

Paper and Glam

Hey Melanie, yay!

Paper and Glam

Hi Abby! Thank you so much. I harbor a serious book spine obsession, too. One of the many reasons I'll never go to an e-reader. There's just something about holding a book and turning the pages, looking at the spines in your collection and choosing a tome for the bathtub. :) Good luck in the giveaway!

Paper and Glam

Hi JP! Very well said. Life is all about boundaries and after two years without one between work and personal time, I now realize how essential it is too maintain. Good luck winning some loot from EC!

Paper and Glam

Hi Maria!! Sounds like we've got lots in common, sister. I'm sorry to hear you're going through a hard time. :( I've been through more than a few hard times and you are in my prayers. You're right, my plate overflows most days not just on Thanksgiving lol. With that said, I refuse to make busyness a lifestyle so I plan for downtime and lots of it. It's the only way I can create! I'm 28, why do you ask? Just curious! I'm proud of every year! ;) Xoxo, Lm

Paper and Glam

Taylor! You are so great. :) I hope you enjoyed the videos. I'd love to hear your feedback on what you'd like to see more of and what you found inspiring so I know what to focus on in 2015! Thanks so much for being an early supporter of my channel and sending along these words of encouragement. Xoxo, Lisamarie

Paper and Glam

Desiree! Thank you :)

Paper and Glam

Hey Jodi! You are the third person to rave about Southern Haute. I've learned so much from this giveaway, a glorious by-product :) Living seasonally is my passion! I too prefer a clean planner, and I still manage to clutter mine up from time to time lol. Thanks so much for the note :)

Paper and Glam

Debby, thank you! Those holiday covers did me in...that EC is just too good!

Paper and Glam

Jill! Yay, glad we connected, too!

Paper and Glam

Thank you, Cindy!!


Now that I decided to go back to school to earn my BA I started looking fun planner to help me out since I tend to forget important stuff :) (I think regular planners are a bit boring)looking online I ran into your channel and let me tell you I LOVE IT, thanks for the giveaway and thanks for sharing with us how you organize and decorate your planner…joining your book club!

Paper and Glam

Gabby!! Good luck going back to school...get it girl! Thanks so much for the sweet complements. It means the world to me when it resonates with others. And love that you're joining our book club :) Have you seen the Erin Condren Spiral Notebooks? Makes me want to go back to school just so I have a reason to use one lol.


Loved your video and blog. I can't even tell you how I stumbled onto your blog but I am thankful that I did. I'm 23 and currently feeling how you were feeling a couple years ago. Seeing your calling has brought me hope and strengthened my faith. Thank you. I also joined your book club on good reads and I'm loving Wild so far! I appreciate you. I'm a neat freak and I love the new Erin Condren. For 2014 I used a Lily Pulitzer but I didn't like how some of her designs and illustrations covered up the lines on the weekly planner pages. I am greatly considering switching over to EC for the 2015 year!

Paper and Glam


This comment strengthened me beyond words. Thank you for reaching out and letting me know the words I wrote a few years back are helping you along a similar journey. This may be good news or bad news lol, but I pretty much felt lost from 22-27 and so did many of my friends. That didn't mean I was without joy or hope or happiness, but a lost feeling followed me. It's the twenty-something experience of our generation, so know that you're not alone and you're going to emerge so strong and grounded, just you wait.


P.S. I am a neat freak, too! Organization is queen!


I appreciate your response. I'm thinking about starting a blog myself. Everytime I try to write it out my organization seems to get the best of me and I freeze when I can picture "the perfect blog post" but not put it into words how I imagine it. I think I'm going to just let loose and see where it takes me. I saw that you set a specific date for a blog post instead of randomly writing when you felt the need to and that may help me out. I'll let you know how it goes!


I'm an IT geek and between my laptop, iPad, iPhone, google calendar, etc I miss the feel of pens and paper. There is something about putting the screen down and getting creative with a sharpie and my planner. Love your blog!

Paper and Glam

Of course, connecting with others is my fav part of blogging! On a related note, are you getting an e-mail with my responses? Just want to me sure! I do recommend a publishing schedule. It doesn't need to be a calendar like mine, it can be a post every Monday, which is how I started. I still struggle to stay consistent but every year I get better at it. I still write what I feel led to share but I rarely write something and post it the same week. I'll reflect on it for a week and then post it.

It's not sexy, but practice makes perfect. Not that we ever get to perfect, authentic is more relatable anyway. :) You'll find your voice along the way, the most important thing is to start. I still cringe when I look back at pre-2013 posts, but I'm sure glad they are there.

Much love from Denver,

Paper and Glam

Lauren, agreed! After 40 hours of working in the IT world each week, I want to feel paper in my hands whether it's a devotional, Bible, planner, or project life card. Thanks so much for spending some time with me!

Happy weekend, Lisamarie


I don't get an email with your responses but since I asked you some things I made sure to check back for a response. I created my blog! and since I love graphic design I made myself a nice little logo as well. At first I made it on tumblr but then I realized that I didn't like the user interaction (lack of comments section). I then went on with wordpress but they have this new thing where you need to pay in order to edit the colors and CSS. I'm pretty savvy with HTML, CSS, and javascript so I wanted to be able to edit my own code. I guess this will do for now.

Paper and Glam

Oh boo, thanks for confirming. Whoot, whoot, congrats! Definitely pick a platform you love. You'll be married to it unless you undergo the arduous task of migration. I've used Typepad since the beginning and I pay $14.95 a month, but it gives me full control. I've heard great things about Squarespace.

So you've got a stocked bookshelf and command of HTML, CSS, and java?! Dang girl, you're dangerous! ;)


I think I'll try out wordpress and I created a goal for myself on how often I will post within the next coming months. If I stick to my plan, I'll reward myself with my own domain name and a paid platform. Yes yes, I'm quite a programmer but I'm currently waiting for my grad school admissions decision in Advanced Analytics so I'm shifting from the design/creative side to the statistical, analytical side of things. This admissions decision has been the biggest test of patience and strength that I've been dealing with since March when I applied.


Love your video. I am a planner junkie! I use the same pens add washi tape and stickers. I print my planner out but I have found in the past when I used a spiral planner it was easier to use. I kept my planner up much better. I have been going back and forth about buying an Erin Condren. Not just her planner but her address book. If you have the address book I would love to see a video on it. I loved seeing how you organize your time. I think tips no matter how small or big are so important. You never know what will ignite that spark to make life more organized. Keep up the great inspiring work.
Your fellow planner junkie,

Paper and Glam

That's a great idea, love how you think! Good luck with word from the grad school, you're in my prayers!

Paper and Glam

Teddy! My dear junkie friend! :) I do not have the address book, but I did just buy the Spiral Notebook, so I'll be doing a review of that soon. Thanks for the encouragement and happy Wednesday!


Just discovered your blog and Erin Condren…and love your blog. Would love an Erin Condren planner they look awesome. Will have to do some peaking around on her website or who knows might just win your giveaway. Love your God and Glam….you go girl!!!

Maria Martinez

Just want to let you know that you're such inspirational with your videos. I also share the love of having a EC life planner and love it. Just want to give you my input on how I organized my EC planner. My computer is acting up and so I wasn't able to leave you a comment via youtube.
I use the top box (morning) for work only. I work full-time so my schedule, meetings and inservice that I have to attend all go on my top box. I use the middle box (day) for school. I recently went back to school, part-time, so all my project, assignments & homework go there. I use the bottom box (night) for my daily activities, I am a wife and mom, so anything that has to do with home from laundry to groceries to bills go to the bottom box. The bottom bars, at the bottom I use it to write what I cook for dinner. I try to cook something different as much as possible. It's all about juggling work, school, home and life. Thanks for your inspirational videos and hope that one day you can make to Chicago my hometown. Ciao!

Paper and Glam

Hi Pamela! Thank you, thank you!! I started writing a book called "God & Glam" in 2008 and one day I plan to publish it. For now, God is still writing the story. :) Go to godandglam.com and it comes right here. Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me to keep walking by faith and glamming it up.

Paper and Glam


Thanks for taking the time to leave me such an encouraging note. These comments mean everything to me. That's a genus system, thanks for sharing it. Chicago is absolutely on my to-go see list. My college roommate and best friend is from there and we say every year we'll go. It's been 10 years haha.

Love from Denver,

Angi MakingMayhem

Hi, Lisamarie!
Came across your YouTube channel looking for more information on the EC planners. I love the ability to customize my planners to fit my life, so I've been using the Levenger's Circa system along with Staple's Arc system for the last year. However, this summer my life got crazy busy and I don't have the time to recreate a planner for next year. After watching many videos regarding planning systems, your's has almost cinched the deal...I am seriously considering making the move to an EC Life Planner for 2015 for scheduling work and family (keeping the Circa for art journaling & creativity). Thanks for sharing your experiences with the EC planners. I really appreciated the planner details (pros and cons) and the thoughts that you shared.

This led me to your blog.

Your post, Storytelling (July 2014), found me shouting "AMEN!" (with my inside voice) and nodding my head as I read. This year has been a journey for me of finding what you so simply articulated in your post. It seems fitting that I should be here today, contemplating tools to help me accomplish those very things. Thanks, again!


P.S. Love all the shiny in your home! I have too many boys in the house to have all that pretty glam in all of the rooms. Thank Goodness I have a studio that I can make sparkle to my heart's content!


The amount of obsessing I've been doing over this planner is not even okay!
Haha, Happy Holidays!:)

Paper and Glam

Hailey, I'm a planner junkie and this one just blew me away when I discovered her. Obsess in peace sweet friend. :)

Lauren D

I just discovered you today on youtube! How serendipitous since I decided to order an EC life planner thanks to your video :) Thanks for inspiring me to be more organized!

Paper and Glam

Hi Lauren, that's great! Thank you for spending some of your Thanksgiving with me. :) Good luck on mission organization!

Paper and Glam

Hi Angi!!

We're so alike. I made a planner in 2012 using Adobe Indesign and the Arc system but didn't get time to recreate it for 2013 so I took the EC plunge and I'm so glad I did!

Love that my Storytelling post resonated with you. Storytelling is my calling and it's so important for me to learn how to live so that I can spend my life doing it. I so appreciate your note and happy Thanksgiving!


Paper and Glam

Jill!! You won the $100 Gift Card to Erin Condren!!! Congrats! I've sent you an e-mail, as soon as you respond back and confirm, I will mail off your gift card!

Maria Alejandra Coa

Omg it warmed my heart that you actually replied! Thank you so much for having me in your prayers, it means the world to me. Sorry for the late reply! I am new to blogs and Youtube and didn't really know how to keep track of the comments or replies. Yes i know a little silly but i got the hang of it now..I think ;) Lol better late then never right? I have continued to watch your videos and I LOVE THEM! My favorite part is that they are a little more than the typical glam or organizational videos. They have subtance, life advice and you really "light it up" ;) i love you the fireworks quote from Mark Twain. Anyways the reason why asked your age was for relatability purposes. I just turn 30 and basically starting over. My divorce is final next week and I am trying my best to keep a bright and positive attitude. I am trying to get organize and surpass this chapter in my life. I am also trying to find my voice in thet transition from "we" to "I". I have time now to focus on myself and I am trying to do the things that I always wanted like more scrap booking, reading and journaling. I am trying to follow your book club. I bought Wild for November but unfortionately I have not been able to read as much....but I have the next book ready :) Well looking forward to more of your videos and decorations ideas. Now I get to be as girly as I want since its just me. Xo Maria.


Hey LisaMarie,
Have you done the giveaway on this yet? I didn't know if it was supposed to be on Thanksgiving and I missed it or what.

Paper and Glam

Hi Ashely, yes ma'am, Jill (above in the comments) won. Random.org just called her number, but there's another giveaway happening that runs through Friday.

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