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Los Angeles Lookbook

Paper & Glam - Los Angeles Lookbook

Happy, happy Wednesday! 

What happened to the last week?! It's been a little crazy since my plane touched down on the tarmac in Denver last Sunday. If you stopped by and I didn't have an update up, I'm sorry! We're back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Here's a peek into my trip to Los Angeles:

Paper & Glam - The Real Barbie Dreamhouse

{PHOTO ONE} Behold, the real Barbie Dreamhouse, home of Barbie creator Ruth Handler.

Paper & Glam - Santa Monica Beach

{PHOTO TWO} The view from Pacific Pier in Santa Monica.

Paper & Glam - Pacific Pier

{PHOTO THREE} The ferris wheel at Pacific Park. I also love this night time picture of her.

Paper & Glam - The Ivy at the Shore

{PHOTO FOUR} Birthday dinner at The Ivy at the Shore.

If you want to see some beautiful interior design take go look around The Ivy's website.

Paper & Glam - Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

{PHOTO FIVE} No trip to LA is complete without eating my way through Sprinkles and their sister store Ice Cream. But if you're in a hurry, not to worry, they've got a hot pink cupcake ATM.

Have a great couple days as we prep for the 4th!


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