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January 2014

Winter Home Tour

Paper & Glam: Winter Apartment Tour

Always be yourself.
Unless you can be a unicorn.
Then always be a unicorn.

My day job is out of control. I had six meetings this weekend. Who has meetings on weekends?! I do. That's the IT world, "it's like a rocket, you just hold on as long as you can" (Thanks to my friend Dan for that analogy). After three cups of coffee, I'm having one of those mornings where I put a dryer sheet in the washing machine, pink lip liner on my eyes, and I used Keratese shampoo as body wash because I haven't had time to stop by Ulta, but we'll save how to be a hot mess for another post. 

Let's talk winter decor. 

Yesterday after church (after my first meeting, but before my second), I filmed the Winter Edition of the Denver Apartment Update. This video is winter-inspired decor and some ideas to update your home decor through the seasons, including 7 ways to update your home each under $10.

You can watch here or below, if you're so inclined.

Disclaimer: This video contains unicorns!

Don't have 15 minutes for a video? Here's the cliff notes:

7 Ways to Update Your Home Each Season Under $10

  1. Fresh  flowers
  2. Colored taper candles
  3. Scented candles
  4. Salt & Pepper shakers
  5. Swapping photos for seasonal memories
  6. Displaying books with seasonal colors
  7. Apothecary jars filled with seasonally-colored cupcake papers

The one thing getting me through this ten day work week? The promise of Portland on Friday. Work hard, play hard.

Thanks for starting your week with me, hope it's a great one.

Keeping Cozy: Winter Inspired Decor

Winter Decor - Kitchen Island

Saturday morning I woke up rested and excited to spend a long morning in the quiet, drinking coffee and watching it snow. As the snow fell, I was inspired to update my space incorporating the beauty of winter.

January is the month of all things cozy. It feels so appropriate to spend the day next to a stack of books and a vanilla snowflake candle, with a mug of warm coffee. Since many of my cold January days will be spent cozied up, I made some modest updates my sanctuary to reflect the elegance of the season. 

Winter Decor - Dining Room Table

The dinning room table is decked out with white roses and silver tapers (Hobby Lobby). 
Fresh flowers keep my spirits in spring while our world is in winter. 

Winter Decor - Kitchen Island2

The kitchen island updated with a silver serving platter featuring a frosted feather tree and Posh.
Posh is my favorite red blend and she's styled with a mink stole plus a very "posh" pin.

Winter Decor - KitchenAid

Another wine bottle wears an ice skating ensemble stationed next to my Kitchen Aid.

Winter Decor - Bookshelves

Office bookshelves lined with journals and styled with a glitter-encrusted pinecone.

Winter Decor - Nightstand

Classic reads by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Amazon) and a bright winter candle (Bath & Body Works) warm up a chilly night. 

Winter Decor - Nightstand2

The nightstand picture is swapped in favor of a warm winter memory and white roses.

Winter Decor - Make-up Brushes

A Black Tie candle and gold polka-dot make-up brushes sparkle on the dresser.

Winter Decor - Vanity

A new pink polka dot mini-set of make-up brushes (Forever21) prepped for my upcoming trip to Portland.

Creating a beautiful life is our highest calling. It is in the details of life that beauty is revealed, sustained, and nurtured. Outside, winter's darkness closes in. Inside, you have found your own Light. - Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

Hope you're staying warm, wherever you are.

2014: Bookshelf to Big Screen

13 Books to Read Before They Hit Theaters in 2014

January feels made for large books, great films, and warm blankets. Since the Twilight saga hit theaters in 2008, I've loved reading books in anticipation of watching them hit the big screen. It's enchanting to see how directors, actors, and producers collaborate to make the visions in my head come alive on the big screen. 

In addition to the 2014 non-fiction library list, I decided to focus on book to movies adaptations for my fiction fix this year. Here's twelve books to read before they hit the theaters!


Monument's Men Book Cover and Movie Preview
The Monuments Men
(Release: February 7th)


Winter's Tale Book Cover and Movie Preview
Winter's Tale

(Release: February 14th)


Divergent Book Cover and Movie Preview
(Release: March 21st)


Heaven Is For Real
Heaven Is For Real
(Release: April 16th )


Serena Book Cover and Movie Preview
(Release: Late April)

June 8, 2014 Update: Serena never released in the US. Though it was filmed two years ago, the distribution rights are still on the market. In January and February, I fell behind while reading the history book that is The Monuments Men and used May to catch up!


The Fault in Our Stars Book Cover and Movie Preview
The Fault in Our Stars
(Release: June 6th)


The Hundred Foot Journey Book Cover and Movie Preview
The Hundred Foot Journey
(Release: August 8th)


The Giver Book Cover and Movie Preview
The Giver
(Release: August 22nd)


Paper & Glam Book Club - If I Stay

If I Stay
(Release: August 22nd)


Gone Girl Book Cover and Movie Preview
Gone Girl
(Release: October 3rd)


Wild Book Cover and Movie Preview
Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail
(Release: December 19th)

Interesting fact, the screen adaptation of Cherl Strayed's Wild was written by Nick Hornby. He's an incredible author, this should be a great one!


Unbroken Book Cover and Movie Preview
(Release: December 25th)

All images above with the exception of (If I Stay and Heaven Is For Real) are from Buzzfeed. There are more books made to movies this year, but I try to stay away from the darker flicks and reads.

Cheers to reading and watching in 2014!