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Under the Christmas tree this year, was this little eight-week-old, six-pound mini American Eskimo puppy. I asked God what her name was, and He said "Sunday." 

Sunday was born October 12, 2012. her favorite color is pink, and she came to earth to give Hello Kitty a run for her money. Sunday's hobbies include stealing shoes out of my closet (especially the pink ones!), spreading toys out so there's one in every crevice of our home, and running a morning 5K on the trail by my side. She's softer than the softest cashmere sweater and so precious it hurts. 


Her first month at home, Sunday woke up crying at midnight and 3 AM every night needing to relieve herself on her indoor lawn and fearing the defilement of her bed. Sunday's potty-training schedule collided with my 5:30 AM gym schedule and the eastern time zone of corporate life. I've felt like one tired, messy, hairy, puppy-momma.

Becoming Sunday's mom required a lifestyle adjustment. My schedule now revolves around her walks, potty breaks, play groups, and vet appointments. Like most single twenty-somethings, pre-Sunday I spent all day at work and then I'd go out for the night to dinner, small group, or out with a friend. I still do those things, but Sunday forces balance in my life.


Sunday is a big part of my life, but I am Sunday's entire life...the only person in her life. She waits for me to wake up every morning. If I ignore my alarm and sleep past 5, she cries. We get up and she waits for me to finish quiet time so we can go outside. She waits for me to get home each night, and she's excited to see me no matter how long a day it's been. I can't disappont this little girl.

A dog is the only creature on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
{Josh Billings}

Now Sunday is fifteen weeks, ten pounds, and sleeping through the night! As of February, and a successful puppy potty training mission, I've hit my stride in 2013. I'm back to early morning Jesus dates, trail runs, and writing; and it feels good to be back in a routine!

Thanks so much for meeting Sunday!