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Cake Batter Cookie Dip


Glam Kitchen: Cake Batter Cookie Dip by Paper & Glam

Short on time this holiday season? Me too. Need a winning recipe in a pinch? Let me introduce you to....CAKE BATTER COOKIE DIP.

On Tuesday night, I skidded in from corporateland with seven of my favorite girlies in route. So whipped up cake batter dip, and it was a new favorite. 


1/2 Box of Funfetti Cake Mix 
1 cup Plain Yogurt
3 cups Cool Whip 

The proportions aren't critical (I guesstimated), but I do recommend heavy on the cool whip and easy on the yogurt. I suggest snagging a couple bags of animal cookies to go with it...and you're done! 

It's divine, adorable, and the prep takes all of 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Glam Kitchen: Cake Batter Cookie Dip by Paper & Glam

(Recipe credit to this blog.)

I planned for a blogtastic week on Paper & Glam including a pink Christmas home tour, a guest blog on a community I love, some daily Christmas grace, and a pearl mantle wreath DIY.

Happy Monday!



looks dee-lish!!!

Paper and Glam

I'll make it for yah!!!

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