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October 2011

The Denver Dreamhome


Today, I had a little haunted home tour planned. But before I post pictures of my "Denver dreamhome," it feels like I should tell the story of how I ended up here. It's my favorite kind of story. The kind that unfolds from a mad hope and ends with a win for love.

My prayer is that you find this story encouraging, and I hope I've done the grace of it some justice. 

When I moved to Denver, I wanted to live and work in the Denver Tech Center. The work piece fell in my lap a couple months after I moved. DTC caters to corporate jobs. There are 30,000 here. However, this part of Denver does not cater to affordable housing. There are 6,000 households in Greenwood Village, in eight square miles, with a medium income of $110,000/year. These aren't great odds for a twenty-two year old, fresh out of college.

Of course, the first place I toured was starter apartment perfect, a humble 800 square feet, a mile and a half from work:

 Granite counter tops in a kitchen that made me want to rekindle my love of cooking.


A white lacquer mantle holding a cozy fireplace.


A walk-in closet for playing dress-up...
A deck to watch the sunset over the mountains, and a pool complete with cabanas...
And most felt like home. It felt like where I belonged. It felt priced according to its magnificence, at close to double my budget. I kept looking but there was no comparison to what I started calling "The Denver Dreamhome."

Eight months of winter later, it had been a season of things just not coming together. My faith was stretched so thin I could see through it. One day, I was sitting in the parking lot of Barnes & Noble having a meltdown, when Leah called, a friend I've known my entire life, and our conversation conversation renewed my strength. (Leah, I never thanked you for that day, thank you.) I stuck it out: I went to a new church every weekend, I read Romans 8 everyday, I gave 10% of every paycheck away, I prayed, I did everything I knew to do to come out with a win in Denver, even though I couldn't even find a place to live. 

One snowy day in May 2010 (yes, it was still snowing in May), I was sitting at my desk waiting for my interview to transfer to Southern California; when I got an e-mail saying the position was filled. My heart started pounding....and the "dreamhome" haunted me, again. So I went back...

I found the property manager I talked to a year before, asked if there was any housing in my price range, and anticipated an awkward exchange ending with no. He said there was one left they couldn't seem to lease, so today the price was lowered 40% below market value.

We walked down, a familiar hall, stopping in front of a door with a number on it I remembered. The door swung open, and there she was...the infamous Denver Dreamhome. Sitting empty...a year later, like it hadn't been a day. It was exactly the same inside: brand new, untouched, never-been-lived-in. 

I asked if I could cruise around the apartment alone before I made a decision. (Read: Lay on the floor, make a carpet angel, and cry.)  The door closed. I was alone. And that small still voice in my heart said, Yes...this is your home. I saved it for you. Welcome home. 

As grace would have it, I took a picture sitting on the floor that day...there are my boots, I took off my shoes to preserve the white carpet in my little house.


Housing in Greenwood Village, Colorado doesn't exactly go on sale. If He wants a certain Denver Dreamhome to remain unoccupied for a year, until it's priced at 40% below market value, so He can lead me back to where I started, trusting in Him alone, to drown in His grace, and love, and provision...then He will.

In one 30 minute lunch break, I went from moving back to California to making a permanent home in Denver. 

Be encouraged. God is by your side. He will never leave you or forsake you. He is on the move. Today, right now, God is working behind the scenes for your good. If we don't give up or give in, we will eventually come out with a win...because God always finds a way.


"And as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
{Joshua 24:15}

Glitter Pumpkins


To say Halloween snuck up on me would be generous, sneak attack would be accurate. I just wrote a check and dated it for September. Priorities are realigned, time reallocated, and choas averted. My home is decorated, festive baking, and crafting has taken place!

My best friend and I set asside some quality time this Friday night to put a personal spin on the pumpkin carving tradition, and start our own tradition "pumpkin glittering." We glammed up some pumpkins, and the best part of our tradition? We won't have to say goodbye to these pretties this week. We're sure they'll make an appearance for many Halloweens to come.

Please enjoy our October project. We love it, and hope you do, too!

 {Glitter Brooms & Pumpkins}


Step 1: Paint glue on pumpkin one vertical section at a time.

Step 2: Gently shake glitter on to the pumpkin for even glitter distribution. 


Step 3: Spray clear spray paint to laquer pumpkins and seal the glitter.


Step 4: Wait 24 hours for the glitter to set, and tie ribbons on the stems.


Step 5: Place glammy pumpkins in a dreamhome or on a mantle near you!


Brooms: We used the same process for the witch's brooms. Except instead of loose glitter, we used spray glitter since we weren't concerned with even "glitterage."






Glitter & Glitter glue (Martha Stewart)
Pumpkins & Brooms (Hobby Lobby)
Clear Sprap Paint & Ribbon (Michael's)


It's Friday night, there's glitter all over the room, pictures just ended up online, and I'm pretty sure these pumpkins rule. We didn't "max any credit cards or get kicked out of the bar" (winning)....we made glitter pumpkins. And next year, we're doing it all over again...get ready Halloween 2013!


Daily Grace

A picture a day dedicated to daily grace.

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