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Glitter Pumpkins


To say Halloween snuck up on me would be generous, sneak attack would be accurate. I just wrote a check and dated it for September. Priorities are realigned, time reallocated, and choas averted. My home is decorated, festive baking, and crafting has taken place!

My best friend and I set asside some quality time this Friday night to put a personal spin on the pumpkin carving tradition, and start our own tradition "pumpkin glittering." We glammed up some pumpkins, and the best part of our tradition? We won't have to say goodbye to these pretties this week. We're sure they'll make an appearance for many Halloweens to come.

Please enjoy our October project. We love it, and hope you do, too!

 {Glitter Brooms & Pumpkins}


Step 1: Paint glue on pumpkin one vertical section at a time.

Step 2: Gently shake glitter on to the pumpkin for even glitter distribution. 


Step 3: Spray clear spray paint to laquer pumpkins and seal the glitter.


Step 4: Wait 24 hours for the glitter to set, and tie ribbons on the stems.


Step 5: Place glammy pumpkins in a dreamhome or on a mantle near you!


Brooms: We used the same process for the witch's brooms. Except instead of loose glitter, we used spray glitter since we weren't concerned with even "glitterage."






Glitter & Glitter glue (Martha Stewart)
Pumpkins & Brooms (Hobby Lobby)
Clear Sprap Paint & Ribbon (Michael's)


It's Friday night, there's glitter all over the room, pictures just ended up online, and I'm pretty sure these pumpkins rule. We didn't "max any credit cards or get kicked out of the bar" (winning)....we made glitter pumpkins. And next year, we're doing it all over again...get ready Halloween 2013!



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