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It's a Crazy Love

Because when you're wildly in love with someone, it changes everything....


I just finished reading Crazy Love, a book about falling madly in love with Jesus Christ. And wow, Francis Chan rocked it. To me this book shouted:You're living a safe comfortable life with Christian icing, and therefore, you're bored. Get ready, get crazy, get going, get real, because life is too short not to be wildly in love, sold out, and desperately seeking Jesus Christ.

In the compelling words of the author:

“This book is written for those who want more Jesus. It is for those who are bored with what American Christianity offers. It is for those who don’t want to plateau, those who would rather die before their convictions do.”

{Francis Chan}

A book worth your time, about a God who is wildly in love with you.

All Dolled Up for Summer

Barbie's suite @ the Palms in Las Vegas!


(click the picture for a larger version)

Here's a close-up of those fabulous chairs:



This girl has everything!

Barbie Palms2

See the last post if you missed the tour of her Malibu Dream House

A few highlights of the past couple months:
San Diego x 3 (yes, three trips...I miss home!)


- Hired on at CIGNA Healthcare as a Contract Senior Associate.
- Denver Dream Home Shopping

2904119_1687500- -- - Celebrated 23
- Attended a Birthday at Kin Lounge the "new hottest" club in San Diego


- O.A.R. @ Redrocks 


- The Young and Wild Tour, Eric Church @ Grizzly Rose 



- The Stagecoach Music Festival!!

Stagecoach Poster 2009

Whew....crazy amazing! 

And now, heading outside to read Crazy Love and enjoy a beautiful Colorado Sunday.