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Alive and Well and Believing

Disclaimer: Life has been nuts busy! In the midst of the mayhem, I enjoyed a USD dinner party, the first BBQ of the season (which took place just before a blizzard this weekend), experienced my first Snow Day (we were sent home from work because it was snowing so hard!), had a some fun nights out on the town (Downtown Denver), AND met my hero Stacy Julian

The highlight of the past month was most definitely meeting Stacy. She was the Founding Editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine and has revolutionized the industry both with her approach to scrapbooking and her bright and colorful faith-based outlook on life. In 2007 she launched Big Picture Scrapbooking with her partners Kayce and Paula

This was us last Wednesday at Scrapbook Destination in Centennial, CO.



It's fitting she put "believe" in her message; that's been my mom's mantra for the entirety of my life. My mom taught  me that belief makes things real. That core value has extended itself into every aspect of my life. If my mom told me I could do it, then I know I I did. She told me I was smart, and I was; because her belief made it real for me.  


I've wanted to meet Stacy for five years, when I saw her walk in to the store I actually got a little misty. Sounds cheesy...but seriously, I hadn't slept in what felt like a week and had been running around in the snow all day, but I HAD to meet Stacy and I'm soo glad I did. It would take a lot more than a little snow and some sleep deprivation to keep me away!

In other news, on Thursday, March 27th the entire town of Denver was shut down at precisely 1:00 p.m. and this was the resulting traffic. I thought I'd be slick and take a "back road"'s what that road looked like. : ) I experienced my first snow day and I'm earnin' that Colorado pedigree one day at a time!

Yesterday this was a golf its a ski slope.


This is why I live in Colorado! Look how my drive to work starts out every morning...

More on Paper & Glam coming soon! Exciting things are abounding and the online store is moments way!