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A Few New Discoveries...

Happy beginning of the Lenten season! Did you think of anything creative to forsake this year? I chose nail polish (manis, pedi...all of it). 
Here's a few new discoveries I'm diggin' right now:
1. DARJEELING TEA: This is a traditionally Persian type of tea that is almost a cross between coffee and tea. It's very very caffeinated! I can't wait to curl up with a cup of this tonight after work and read Leah's manuscript.

2. A few weeks ago, after I returned to Denver from a visit in San Diego, I recommitted to a 10-week training regimen.  This schedule is one I used to maintain before I had some allergy issues that threw things off. I am so happy to report that my body has responded so well, and I'm finally working out like my old self again! I don't think I've prayed for anything more in my life!

I have found a couple resources that have really been helping me stay on track. The first is, this in conjunction with the iMapMyRun application on the iPhone have made running and tracking those runs incredibly simple. IMapMyRun uses the iPhone's GPS and tracks your pace, time, speed, distance, and calories burned and then sends it to your account online so you can refer back. Plus it's all free!

Since I don't have a gym membership right now I've found this tool indispensable. Gone are the days of pacing out routes in the car before you run them, it's running freedom! You can run around in a circle for an hour and the phone will follow you!

3Finally got started on Twitter, this has been on the top of my "Fun Things to Do List" for quite some time. I love the idea of a micro-blog!
Picture 2

I love the automatically updated Typepad widget too! (See the left sidebar).

In other news, the countdown to Stagecoach has begun! 8 weeks! I even added a little badge to my sidebar in honor of the rapidly approaching BEST. WEEKEND. EVER. I also pimped out my desktop for the occasion! 
These boots
Now there's a little inspiration to stay on track with my training! With that, I'm off for a run! 

Country Inventory!

Here's what I just got in for the Country Girls! I can't wait to use these lines to scrapbook my Stagecoach pictures!

From Basic Grey

Basic Grey embellishments are so versatile and you can never have enough brads, buttons, and fibers. I can see country pages, glam pages, holiday all works!

Eva Fibers - $3.99
Eva Fibers
Eva Glazed Brads - $3.99
Eva Glazed Brads
Eva Buttons - $4.99
Eva Buttons
Granola Fibers - $3.99
Granola Fibers
Granola Glazed Brads - $3.99
Granola Glazed Brads
Granola Buttons - $4.99
Granola Buttons
Urban Prairie Glazed Brads - 3.99
Urban Prairie Glazed Brads
Urban Prairie Painted Brads - 4.99
Urban Prairie Painted Brads
Urban Prairie Buttons - $4.99
Urban Prairie Buttons
Wassail Painted Brads - $4.99
Wassail Painted Brads
Wassail Monogram Cardstock Stickers - $2.99
Wassail Monogram Stickers

I got two sheets of these stickers so I could spell out "Stagecoach" for my album's title page. In person these stickers are much more brown, I'm not sure why the above image is coming up greenish. All of these lines also have  matching paper packs, beautiful 12x12 paper collections as well and can be ordered anytime. Please let me know if you're interested!