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January 2009


Hope by Jack Johnson

I heard Hope by Jack Johnson moments after I heard that my little puppy Daisy Mae was dying, and it helped me make it through. I hope to use this jpeg in a scrapbook page about her incredible spirit. She is still fighting the cancer and seems to have about a month of good life left. She's running around like her normal self, playing with her toys and eating normally. She really puts things in perspective.

Colorado is amazing...simple as that.

Why Colorado is the best place for me...a short and superficial listing:

1. Caribou Coffee

Behold, the Northern Lite Latte. An addiction I am using to persuade myself to at least get in some serious workouts during my unemployment...I burn 600 calories at the gym...I get one of these:



2. There are a ton of really great country stations, that play lots to Timmy. You can't beat cruising around Colorado to Where the Green Grass Grows.


3. There are tons of fun country events. This weekend is the  National Western Denver Stock Show and Rodeo.


And of course, I also can't wait for Stagecoach 2009 in April (which is in Indio, CA).



the Greely Stampede in June,


and "the Daddy of em' all" Cheyenne Frontier Days in July : ).


4. The close proximity to the mountains! Here was my Wednesday at Winter Park.


5. Downtown Denver is so fun! Last night, I went to the Breckenridge Brewery and Lodo's, but The Cowboy Lounge is my favorite. Last night pretty much felt like your average Tuesday in college, for better or worse...