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December 2008

On the 1st Day BEFORE Christmas...

there was my favorite idea of all...for my favorite embellishment. RIBBON

Inside these tidy drawers from Cropper Hopper is...
All this...
With these I can organize my ribbon by color and theme in a compact portable drawers. And they look so orderly and pretty. 

The ribbon cards are 2"x3". I believe they are 10/$2. A small price to pay for anal retentive bliss!

On the 2nd Day Before Christmas...

there was an idea for what to do with all those magazines and idea books! So if you're like me and you get every CK Media publication plus a few others, you  have stacks and stacks of magazines that look like this...


And this...


ALL these could be turned into this...


Now you have a year's worth of ideas in a compact little book. One of the best parts is, as you make a layout or if you want to take an idea to a crop without carting the whole book, you just rip it out. IDEA FREEDOM.

The process: 

1. Take your magazines to Kinko's and have them cut the spines off.
2. Go home and remove all the ads, layouts that aren't quite your style, store lists, etc.
3. Take what's left to Kinko's and have it bound.

Now if it breaks your hear to cut up these beautiful mags, just think of all the space you'll be saving! Not to mention all the time it takes to flip through ideas books until you get to a layout that you just have to make. I used to have idea books from 2004 and 2005. and while styles have changed considerably, there were still some good layout concepts and a few I'd like to lift. It's great to have those ideas all in one place organized  by year. Plus it feels like I'm making progress when I rip an idea out of the book to make a page I've been wanting to create for years!