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October 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Hello Monday is another layout I did for Design Your Life. The theme for this week was repetition. The sketch by Cathy was for an 8x11 page so I converted to 12x12.  DSC00624
Here is the second spread. I still feel like these need a little spicing up...any ideas? I know the look the class is going for is "clean and simple" but what can I say, I love scrapbook glam!
And for the song of the week, I thought I'd share the link to the Halloween playlist I've been listening too.

This plus my Gold Canyon pumpkin pie candle help me feel like it's really Halloween this week. Its perpetual summer in San there's no crisp fall air mixed with the smell of pine needles and leaves changing color. I always miss the seasons during the holidays. 

I've also been watching the ABC family 13 days of Halloween specials. I love all those old movies from when I was little, like Hocus Pocus and the Scooby Doo cartoons. 

Remember this? Who knew that was Sarah Jessica Parker. This is my all-time favorite Halloween movie, I remember watching it every single year growing up.

Design Your Life

I finished my first layout for Cathy Zielske's class, "Design Your Life" at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have to confess this sat on my desk for three weeks. I was stumped since these colors are so outside my box. Now that it's finished, I love it, and I'm so glad I tried something new.DSC00621

I also want to credit Laura Vegas with the idea for the floss. After reading one of her blog posts, I fell in love with it and ran out and got it at Michael's. It's only $1.99!


I just got back from Beach Bootcamp, and the whole time I was getting my butt kicked, I was dreaming of getting back to try some more of Cathy's awesome sketches. I'm going to try to bust out a layout or two before it's time for Saturday dinner with my roommates (best friends). Love Saturdays!

Vintage Memories

Happy Friday! This is a page I did with some of the left over pictures I had from high school. It only took me 30 minutes too. Gotta love that. I will most definitely have to repeat this design at some point since its so simple, quick, and can be made using scraps.DSC00159

Remember - you can click to see the full file. It's so tough to get two page spreads photographed well. I'd love any insights into getting better pictures of these. I know I could scan them but the process of scanning all eight sides, photomerging, and stitching them together overwhelms me sometimes. I may invest in a new scanner that can scan legal size so I will only have to scan it four times. Back soon with some Design Your Life layouts...