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September 2008


These layouts that have been in the works for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. But I finished them...and that's what counts!

Donner Party

(Title Page - Spring Break Album)


Lido @ Last

(Beach House Album)


The journaling on this one is printed on a transparency so there's a bit of a glare.


Stickets are so hard to use....may redo this last one! I attempted that with this page; I wanted to use them to make a collage of everyday life and the things I love. It's not my best work but it's about time I use some of my embellishments instead of saving them for the "perfect" page, ha.
Any ideas for working through the sticker inventory?

9.11 Prayer Journal

This is the post I had planned for 9/11. I'm still a little bummed that it didn't make it in time.


This is a prayer journal I made for September. My pink camo journal is almost out of paper and for some reason I just didn't want to use it up just yet. So I decided to make my own every month. This is a 6x12 Bazzill Basics album. They are hard to find but soon to be available at What I love most about this book is that you can get 6x12 pages or 4x4 photo pages for it. This way I can make a prayer journal/photo journal. 

The real reason I started this new regime was to encourage myself to study Scripture every morning. I thought if I had a place to write my favorite verses I would be inspired to write and spend time with God every morning. Plus what an awesome way to record your life. Everything goes in, notes from The Rock's Sunday service, pictures from that day, goals, quotes, song lyrics, to-do lists. etc. What a great way to see the beauty all around us and find photo opportunities everywhere. Plus what a great home for journaling you can revisit and use on pages.

As I was adding my pictures to iPhoto (I switched to Mac last month), I realized I don't have too many pictures from just everyday life. And life is too good to forget. I know they say you "remember days, not moments" but what if we remembered all of it?

At first I was wondering when I would find to do this every night, but I do believe that people make time for what is important to them, and I really want this to be important to me, so hopefully I'll stick to it!

Note: I got this idea from Stacy Julian. Its in her book "The Big Picture."