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Newport Avenue, Ocean Beach Antiques

Scrappy Jessi

My custom tile I order arrived from the Scrappy Jessi's Etsy Store today! It's pretty cute and I'm pretty excited, and it inspires me to make stuff. I sent Jessi a list of a few things a love, here's exactly what I sent her.

My name is "Lisamarie" and here are a few things I love:

- Colors: pink and black
- cowboy hats and cowboy boots, all things country
- sunglasses
- pink camo
- football
- high heels
- corsets
- running 
- purses and pretty much all girly/glammy stuff
- I live on the beach in San Diego, so my bathing suit and sunglasses get lots of use : ) 

And I got this!


Thank you soo much Jessi, I love it! Jessi's blog is full of Barbies, glitter, and craftiness - check it out! 


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